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EXCLUSIVE: Pete Buttigieg's Corrupt Police Department

EXCLUSIVE: Pete Buttigieg's Corrupt Police Department

It seems that South Bend’s police department has a big problem. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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“The South Bend sergeant who shot and killed a black suspect over the weekend had a history of allegations of racist language, court documents show. One former South Bend officer also told The Young Turks about witnessing the sergeant’s questionable use of force against black people in the past.

Sgt. Ryan O’Neill was identified Monday as the South Bend Police Department (SBPD) officer who shot Eric J. Logan early Sunday morning.

County Prosecutor Ken Cotter said O’Neil told investigators he was responding to a report of possible car break-ins, spotted Logan in a car, questioned him, and fired two shots when Logan approached him with a knife. Cotter said that because O’Neill did not manually activate his body camera, there was no video of the shooting.

O’Neil was promoted to sergeant in 2015 by SBPD Chief Scott Ruszkowski, who was appointed by Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Ruszkowski testified in 2017 that O’Neil was promoted despite internal reports about alleged racist rhetoric by O’Neil.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. lol clearly that guy hasn’t crossed the right one lmaoooo! Anyone who inflicts pain on someone else for no reason…better watch ur back for the rest of ur life…plain simple, no matter the race 😉

  2. He's a bad mayor. Mostly because there is a lot of homeless people under bridges and the police department doesn't arrest people when there is a lot of evidence. They don't do anything unless it is recorded even if there is multiple witnesses

  3. I like Mayor Pete, and TYT is turning me off with the constant smearing of any democratic candidate who is not far left.

  4. Do the Turks know how racism in police departments is a nation wide problem and in news daily and racism and violence has been made worse by Trump rhetoric?

  5. I don't say everything I think, like I used to when I was young and not too bright. It's better for everyone. I may type it all out but read it and realize, no!

  6. The south bend police department is filled with pieces of shit

  7. Mayor Pete is our best candidate for president. I was supporting Bernie, but I've since changed my mind after seeing all of the new options we have in this presidential election. Mayor Pete really impressed me with his intelligence and integrity. Bernie is an important candidate and has done great things for the democratic party, but I feel he is too dismissive of other ideas.

  8. The Young Turds are made up of idiots

  9. everyone should check the crime stats in South bend Indiana. Particularly the black crime rates. 25% of the population majority of the crime causers. But they want a bitch about a white cop shooting a black criminal? SMH

  10. The police are institutionally corrupt liars, sadistic thugs, shameless thieves and casual murderers. I'd trust a starving alligator in a room full of crawling infants before trusting a cop. They are the filth of humanity.

  11. I know plenty of criminals drug addicteds that are cops 👮 you trust them fool… bet you do!

  12. Imagine the same situation, only a gay transvestite had been killed. Imagine his outrage then!

  13. Buttigieg is just another fake politician.

  14. This South bend situation keeps getting worse and worse. I keep wondering why this police department isn't being investigated by the FBI for civil rights violations and corruption. This has been going on for years and has only got worse.

  15. As a mixed woman I agree interracial couples are not cool. We need to separate ourselves. INTEGRATION was a major mistake. I love my Melanin✌

  16. Media attacking a cop based on speculation. FAKE NEWS.

  17. Something tells me your "anonymous source" is none other than David Newton. Racial banter does not make someone a racist…. I like black pewzy too and hate ghetto luvn white horse… Does that make me a racist? No. I HATE RACIST BLACKS and prejudiced white horse who only date black dudes…. most of all, I hate racist white, race traitors.

  18. Kamala Harris might be next…… LAPD and Cali. Dept of Corrections under her watch.

  19. Lets go deeper!!! Start investigating police dept.

  20. Put the heat on the police dept cross america!!!!

  21. Keep reporting truth.!!! So how can he run a country!!!!


  23. Southbend Indiana look up the history of SOUTHBEND. No video footage, so we take the word of a crooked cop ?? So tired of this. Did they see the knife? The officer has he had any other incidents , in the past with black folk? We can stop this black folk. We stand up to these bully cops, if not they will never stop. Dtop thr brutality!!! But this guy wamts pur BLACK VOTE?? NO HE IS NOT THE ONE GOR US!!!! HE SAID HE DOESNT WANT OUR VOTE ANYWAY!!!!

  24. Now they are trying to Blame Pete for Other People being racist .
    He Wants to fix the problem but Nobody else wants anything to get better So they allow idiotic Bigots like Trump to be in charge instead .

  25. glad this came to light. saw a african diaspora video of people talking back to him and nothing phases him even direct contact/confrontion with his hatefulness.

  26. I don't TRUST that man far as I see him he races lil Trump

  27. And a white public defender

  28. Black people always get all white JURORS

  29. I knew Pete was a fraud just on how much extra coverage he was getting from mainstream media. Baffles me how it isn't understood how obvious that is to people now.

  30. Just look a few short months back how the MSM was cooing over how cool and hip Pete was…… and look now……..this is why Trump will win 2020.

  31. O'Neill?? 😂😂 Typical 86 IQ, drunken, racist Mick too stupid to find work doing anything else.

  32. A Bigot is a Bigot even the one's who get's crashed in the rear end..

  33. Donald Trump should send the feds to investigate Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg's police department.
    Black people don't vote for homosexual racist.

  34. He's young, he's gay, he's a veteran, he's a Rhodes Scholar, and he's for climate change. I don't care that he's indifferent to Blacks being treated like shit. Shame on TYT for covering this, it's fake news and I don't want to hear it…..

  35. Why is this show still going?


  37. If America's KKK white cops can turn off their body cams anytime they commit a crime or murder, why have them wear body cams at all???

  38. Why is this show still on Youtube? Just curious….

  39. Pete buttigeise did nothing about it thats why buttigeise won't get my vote, buttigeise is racist. Why replace trump with buttigeise when we already have one racist in office. See a gay person wants his rights as being homosexual but allows things like this against blacks. Thank you tyt for reporting this.

  40. Every police knows when you do a crime get rid of the evidence (witness).

  41. People need to realize that no one wants to be a cop. There is a huge shortage so they literally will hire anyone. Perhaps we need more black people to become cops?!

  42. Why should I care about a drug addict?

  43. Hate to say I told you so. Pete back out of your candidacy go back to Southbend and straighten out that mess, see you in four years.

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