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Execution Day | National Geographic

Execution Day | National Geographic

What happens in the final hours leading up to an execution?
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Explorer: Inside Death Row : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/explorer/4082/Overview

Execution Day | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Don’t go killing, or this will be you

  2. She covers her face but gives a interview 🧐

  3. Governor: “you may proceed with killing this death row inmate.”

    Warden: “okey dokie! I’ll get right on that!”

  4. Shes excited to watch executions? Sick

  5. Is that Tom Hanks narrating ?

  6. The worst punishment you can give is life in a small cell being let out 1 hour a day

  7. simple be good humans,it's free.

  8. The 23 year old prolly opened her legs to her superior a few times

  9. I think this is a hard job for the people who have to execute .

  10. i really find messed up that these people that do mass shootings and kill multiple people get sentenced to maybe 10 years but people that kill 2 or 3 people die??? wtf

  11. Anyone ever have sleep apnea?. Your sleeping and feel like you cant breath? .

  12. Gutless Gov Inslee and his courts don’t have any empathy for the victims of violent crime. They only see it from the predators point of view. Bring back the death penalty to WA state and put these animals out of the system permanently.

  13. Noone wins…. The killer dont win And the victim don't win; because you cant bring them back. And both families lose…. Execution doesnt fix anything. After its done. The families only are scarred for the rest of their lives.

  14. most high please before give all the people involved in any of these death cases……heal the families hearts

  15. Murderers should be locked up for life…no special treatment…photos of their victims near by ….

  16. They wanted him to feel pain as he died. And I'm' sure they consider themselves Christians, too.

  17. An eye for an eye and we all go blind.

  18. An eye for an eye
    A tooth for a tooth

  19. "iitttsss punishment time!!"

  20. Executioners and their advocates are on the wrong side of history.

  21. I think we should retain the death penalty only for government individuals with an abbreviated fast track judicial process, essentially placing government personnel and elected officials across all branches of government outside of all constitutional protection and considerations. Feeding yourself greedily at the public trough with both hands must come with commensurate jeopardy.

  22. I wonder if the places they execute are haunted and or if they hurt there executioners.

  23. they do suffer once the used that paralytic drug they suffocate the barbiturates don't knock them out I suggest states use the firing squad never a botched execution. Utah has the right idea they can't get the drugs they should use euthanasia

  24. I hope the people that are watching could get the death penalty.

  25. Rotting in a cell for life with no contact is alot worse , I think.

  26. i am against the death penalty. that said, if they are unable to get the drugs, why not use confiscated heroin or somethig .

  27. The only Execution I want is Barac Husene Obama.

  28. I love the death penalty. It is what murderers deserve

  29. It seems to me;if you keep someone on death row for twenty years then exeute them it seems like that's a double sentence.

  30. Kristin looks like she’s popped out a few kids already.

  31. All executions should be broadcast live and shown on Sports Center

  32. Just another Mexican down the drain. Great job USA keep it up.

  33. I'm from texas we don't play down here you kill be kill

  34. The death penalty is NOT a deterant. Anybody is capable of anything in the right circumstances. The death penalty is all about revenge,.nothing more. I am against it. If you are in favour of it, maybe you should be the one who inktiiate the execution. The death penalty is inhumane. It can take years, with stays at the last moment. There are more humans menthods that could be used if it could ever be ethically acceptable. Depriving someone I liberty for a long time I until their death is a more effective punishment.

  35. The death penalty will always be there to scare anyone from committing a crime. I myself am scared of that so I am loyal to my country and laws. Commit a horrendous crime and you will die. If it were up to me I’d want them to torture criminals to death so they can truly feel the pain they put their victims through.

  36. I agree 1,000% with capital punishment. I dont agree with lethal injection because it is not justice in my opinion. It is not fair that an individual who had no mercey in committing a crime worthy of death should be afforded mercey. Hang them, shock them, shoot them, gas them. Naps are not justice.

  37. I prefer firing squad much less suffering

  38. Oh no get a shot to go to sleep im so scared

  39. Brother broke the law, victim did not

  40. To the heavy set girl who said her brother took a life, and now that state is taking his life. What she fails to understand is that her brother in- justifiably took a life, and now the state is justified in taking her brothers life. She skipped of the fact that her brother is a murderer, killing someone for no good reason. The state has a very good reason for ending her brothers life.
    I completely understand the victims family wanted this criminal to feel pain in his death, because of the pain he caused to this family.
    Sadly we have way too many people on death row. Over 2,000. We need to kill them to make room for more criminals rather than releasing them because we are out of room.
    All for death to those who are on death row.

  41. A few politicians and government officials could use this treatment. Let’s talk about other kinds of criminals

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