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Extremely Rare White Lions Caught on Camera | Short Film Showcase

Extremely Rare White Lions Caught on Camera | Short Film Showcase

In September 2014, a white lion cub was spotted in Singita Kruger National Park. While hundreds of these animals exist in captivity, only 13 remain in the wild, making the sighting unique. Black Bean Productions set out to capture footage of these remarkable big cats, whose coloration is not albinism but is caused by a less severe mutation.
Singita: www.singita.com
Black Bean Productions: http://www.blackbeanproductions.com/
Read a Q&A with the filmmaker: http://voices.nationalgeographic.com/2015/12/03/short-film-showcase-qa-extremely-rare-white-lions-caught-on-camera/
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Extremely Rare White Lions Caught on Camera | Short Film Showcase

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  1. Do any Africans care about these things? Just asking..

  2. awww its sooo cuuute people stop killing lions they will go extinct and humans aren,t gonna go extinct leave them alone!

  3. Yes rare, albino that is!!

  4. Didn't they killed the cub?, I saw a gun.

  5. Please conserve the beauty of nature please

  6. So so so beautiful
    God is truly amazing to have created all of the beautiful animals we are able to see,study, keep safe from poachers , and just to enjoy. Life is truly a blessing from God

  7. This kind of rare animals should be clone before is gone!

  8. Let's shower them with moneys! Surely donations will fix the problem = )

  9. Everyone is saying don't attack or capture this one lion. But they should capture any Lions.

  10. unrelated but James Suter is hot

  11. I love lions but there will be a time when ones self will ask are they that important ones there are few ones self will no how important they are.But until that time comes we should do our best to help these animals thrive.

  12. To the battle, Leo, past the savannah-ahh…With every enemy you face, you grow ever stronger!~…

  13. the parents are brown – if the cubs are white is not because they are white by race, it's because they are albinos… you only get white race lions from white parents….

  14. must be 10x harder to hunt with white fur

  15. I've never been taken by white lions, the tawny colored ones are so beautiful. Of course, the white ones are lovely, but idk, I just like the tan ones the same.

  16. Does any body knows if they are yet alive?

  17. Are they genetically engineered?

  18. so if the mother decided to attack them would they have to shoot the lion? why are they in an open vehicle like that? I know nothing happened, they had good intentions, they took all the right precautions blah blah blah but at the end of the day they're wild and can be unpredictable, seems dumb to get that close unless you're willing to die before killing it's mother since it's so rare

  19. Sadly, their white coloration makes their future very bleak. It's a liability when hunting as they don't have the camouflage to blend in with their natural surroundings. When your prey can easily spot you, you lose your ability to creep close to them, which is a critical part of hunting for lions in the wild.

  20. I would love to see the male of this pride…
    I mean a male that controls such a huge area needed for 40+ lions and keep controlling it over many years must be atleast as astonishing…

  21. the white transvaal lion kruger nacional park

  22. It's not white. It's albino. Spit it out. Whites are in the cold places

  23. yo nada más lo puse por mi tarea xd

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