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FAA Is Silencing Employees

FAA Is Silencing Employees

The FAA is doing everything they can to make sure employees do not speak out during the shutdown. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Read more here: https://tyt.com/stories/4vZLCHuQrYE4uKagy0oyMA/22Bbi27G7kYpo83nn93O0I

“The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned its employees regarding ‘restrictions on partisan political activity,’ an internal FAA email obtained by TYT reveals.

‘Employees are responsible for acquainting themselves with restrictions on partisan political activity and for not engaging in prohibited actions,’ the email states. ‘It is important to ensure that remarks made in any forum regardless if made in connection with work or by a person identified as an FAA employee, comport with governing rules and regulations.’

The email was sent on January 9 by an FAA administrator, according to an FAA contractor who requested anonymity in order to avoid retribution. The subject line reads, ‘Internal Management Guidance Re: Expression of Views Reminder.'”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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  2. An air traffic controller is responsible for more lives in a day, than a doctor is in his whole career

  3. I'm not sure how true this is. But I hear that years ago whenever the last time air traffic controllers did go on strike to bargain for better wages, benefits, as well as complaining about not getting the breaks they were suppose to be getting. The negotiators from both sides came to an agreement on terms that finally got air traffic controllers back to work. But after this a bill from a politician or someone came about that was voted yes on which made it illegal for air traffic controllers to never strike or protest about their workplace environment ever again. So what this ultimately come down to was the union for air traffic controllers has to agree without protest to whatever the FAA/whomever makes/comes up with the next collective bargaining agreement. Again I say I don't know how true this is but I did hear about this a few years back.

  4. Censorship–federal workers protest not because they care so much to criticize but that they want the facts to be put out there–all kinds of nuggets of truthful info put out by John Iadarola and Ana Kasparian. Thank you both and many thanks to those who also work to put themselves out there to stick up for themselves and others. Huge kudos to those who hate to not show up at work due to Trump's frivolities because they care. Shame on Trump and FAA for exploiting the workers under their power. One of the things TYT does is to give us facts with which to fight back.

  5. If the government and this administration can hold these workers hostage for months and possibly years, then I say as citizens why not hold back our taxes until they get their act together. Why are the politicians getting their paychecks and living like rock stars while other Federal employees are eating in soup kitchens? Their the ones not performing. I say we don't pay Federal income tax until the federal government gets back to work…

  6. Why do I get the feeling Milo Yiannopoulos would love this situation, not having to pay anybody and firing those who complain?

  7. To be fair, Mr. Grabembythepussie can never ever ever again have employees in his video clips agreeing with him as has been done so many times before. If THESE employees are in support of the Dear Leader they need to be fired as it is political. Maybe wait and make a list and fire them all after Private Bonespurs is incarcerated. Fight fire with fire, go Stalin on these F**kers.

  8. When is the Strike by TSA and all FAA Employees happening for the breach of their Employment Contracts?

  9. This is just an instance of doubling on your government The Office of House Speaker was censored and fed workers being censored he said shutdown ohh might be a year so others can gleen how government runs

  10. First Trump halts their pay over his ego, then he kicks them in the nuts and tells the public these federal workers support his wall.

    I suppose America's unpatriotic President already did it to the military by lying to their faces about their pay increase. That was sick. Can you imagine, lying to the face of those who have made the choice to put their lives on the line in protection of America?

  11. Look at how Trump is going to deny FEMA funds to California because California has bad forestry practices on Federal and private land. Huh?

  12. So why is it some random judge anywhere in the country can stop a Muslim ban in 24 hrs tops but not a single judge in the country can stop something like this?

  13. They've been slowly trying to pick away our rights, the Constitution for decades. They did it over time with privacy in a lot of ways using fear and every excuse possible, same with bearing arms, and been trying to do it with speech and expression for a bit of time now, and they'll use any excuse to pick away a little at a time. And they will continue to slowly pick away at all our rights using many tactics, thinking people are dumb and easily manipulated. Which is partially the case I assume.

  14. Isn’t there long standing regulation, or tradition of US government employees being enjoined to avoid participating in partisan politics? So as to avoid incoming directors/political appointees being distrustful of critical staff? I support their right to speak, just curious?

  15. Wait a sec, government employees are sending classified emails to tyt, a propoganda outlet with a history of collaboration with foreign powers? Maybe the FAA and law enforcement should look into this. Maybe sieze the TYT servers.

  16. Why would FAA allow any take off clearances to be issued when shutdown? Seems highly irresponsible to keep open when down. Slavery and delays impact of shutdown being shown to the public. Seriously wtf is USGov doing? I’m not aware of any other country with a self-imploding structure to government. Virtually any other government just continues on on previous plans/spending until next one is approved.

  17. This adminstration has enacted slavery. They require you work without a wage for the work performed. FAA is the slave boss cracking the whip (internal email) to ensure you are doing the job withour back talk. Yep another constitutional violations.

  18. Pilots are silenced on unidentifiable flying objects too.

  19. I know I complain about specific things. But you need to understand, it's because I love what you guys do, that I try to hammer on the small things. Ana, you make more honest your arguments about free speech if you don't first try to temper your opinion by saying that your ideas aren't the same as the Right. It's okay to believe in Free Speech for your enemy as well as your friends. In fact, that's the entire point of free speech.

  20. All federal employees should walk off their jobs, no pay no work

  21. The big question in my mind is when does requiring people to work without pay morph from being an unfortunate outcome of a president's stubbornness into slavery. Is not forcing a person to work without pay the definition of slavery?

  22. Check out Gavin Newsom (new Governor of CA)'s response!

  23. WHY ISN'T RAND PAUL LOSING HIS MIND?!?! He didn't want to work as a slave. So why is he allowing his Republican colleagues to force that on the American people?

  24. It is quite literally illegal for a Federal employee to express partisan views on the job or off the job as a Federal employee. Federal employees, by law, do NOT have Freedom of Speech. It was to prevent the parties from using Federal workers for political purposes (it is the Hatch Act, I forget the year and bill no. I am a retired Federal worker who worked under this law.) You may remind your fellow workers to vote but not wear campaign buttons. You can share news articles about the first woman whatever but not about specific laws under consideration about civil rights. It is also illegal for Federal workers to strike and they must work, paid or not, if they are considered essential, even if it is not their original designation. "Essential" is supposed to be the least you can manage that will keep everyone safe from threat, internal and external. It is mutable. And you cannot keep your job and ignore it. Most workers' rights legislation does not apply to Federal workers.

  25. Trump likes it if he punishes Democrat voters. There should never be a president who believes in punishing people for partisan reasons. Trump is a despot.

  26. How many cops, judges, and prison-workers are employed in the judicial system? Of these, how many have been furloughed?

    If Congress manages to fund the judicial system, then there is no real impasse.

  27. Cold: the air and water flowing.
    Hard: the land we call our home.
    Push to keep the dark from coming,
    Feel the weight of what we owe.

    This: the song of sons and daughters,
    Hide the heart of who we are.
    Making peace to build a future,
    Strong, united, working till we fall.

    Cold: the air and water flowing.
    Hard: the land we call our home.
    Push to keep the dark from coming,
    Feel the weight of what we owe.

    This: the song of sons and daughters,
    Hide the heart of who we are.
    Making peace to build a future,
    strong united working till we fall.

    And we all lift, and we're all adrift together, together.
    Through the cold mist, till were lifeless together, together.

  28. I'd hate to live in country ran by racist tyt.

  29. Give "Me" a chance… I'd knock Trump square in the nuts, balls, scrotum… He is mentally DANGEROUS…! Just what more do you f'n want… Continue, and you and the following generations deserve the chaos… 🙁

  30. Looks like it's time for another "This is America" video.

  31. Last year a "white male greivance" dude-bro, who was an aviation mechanic, hijacked an airplane and flew it to Seattle in a suicide flight. Alt-Right & Incel trolls memorialized him. "Sky King Rich". He was especially connected to Atl-Right trolls who used groyper memes with avaiation themes, communicating their area of warfare resource. He executed a 4Chan discussed tactic, and he also signaled his intentions to his twitter group 2hrs prior to the hijacking, as they waited to see if any news popped up about it. When news broke, they immediately memorialed him as "Sky King Rich" then changed their profile pics and banners to reflect his heroic status. Just know there are a bunch of dude-bros out there in avaiation who have already been inspired by a fellow white male greivance actor, and there's no law enforcement tracking them.

  32. that reg only apply to their govt email account

  33. Remember they passed a law insuring back pay for furloughed workers. So we are going to pay for their services even though they were not allowed to provide them for over a month. How's that for running the government like a business?

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