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Fact check: Trump's campaign-style video touts coronavirus response, omits context | USA TODAY

President Trump played the video at a White House briefing, slamming what he sees as unfair media coverage of his administration’s pandemic response.
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Pushing back on reporting that has questioned the scope of his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump played an unusual three-minute-plus video at the White House this week touting his efforts.

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  1. If it were Obama, the leftist press would have gone gaga instead.

  2. the president tryna save us while yall bashing him!! he is surrounded by ppl who seem to be working with china ! fauci was caught lien several time about the seriousness of the virus! even criticizing trump for closing the boarders!! Pay attention!!

  3. Being over smart habits of trump makes own country people turn to death….!!!!

  4. Remove this embarrassment Trump 2020

  5. Trump never takes responsibility for the harmful impacts of his actions and inaction. He is still trying to lie, blame, deny, deflect, bluster, scapegoat, obstruct, bully, insult, gaslight, and obfuscate his way out of this pandemic mess he’s created. All the while his allies, goons and lackeys flood the airwaves and social media with the same bs.

  6. USA Today talking about leaving things out of context? Now that's funny.

  7. Basically, the video is equivalent to a campaign rally. How long did it take to prepare? Who all worked on it? How many of those who worked on it get checks funded by the taxpayers?

  8. I think our governor of Michigan is doing a very good job it's the people that are not following through what she is saying if the people would stand up and do what she wants done there would not be no problem our governor is doing a fantastic job for our beautiful state of Michigan

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