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Fake Cash Used In Hollywood Movies Could Be Making Its Way Into The Real World | NBC Nightly News

Millions of dollars worth of fake currency that looks real from a distance is showing up at America’s cash registers. The U.S. Secret Service is urging holiday shoppers and retail clerks to look closely at the money that they’re handling.
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Fake Cash Used In Hollywood Movies Could Be Making Its Way Into The Real World | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Fake news. Pushing for a cashless society. Don’t fall for it.

  2. Well i will be watching from now on when getting cash back anywhere. Lol

  3. Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone.

  4. Make sure they don't pay you in Monopoly money!

  5. I'm on AliExpress right now buying a million dollars.

  6. I got a 5 dollar bill in change last year like this. Tbis is old news.

  7. Phony currency? In America? No……

  8. Fake Americans, fake president and now fake money…..It's all fake.

  9. So Hollywood is trying to tank the economy. Well I hope it works cuz Hollywood is where all us trump supporters will be taking over when the war begins.

  10. says right on it "Movie Money"

  11. All federal reserve money is fake.

  12. To the people commenting about how ALL $$$ is fake…

    Only one is legal and will buy you a lambo

  13. Who uses cash anymore? I wouldn't even recognize the new money they're floating around

  14. it's not even green anymore, it's the same colors as Monopoly money.

  15. A fake president and now more fake money. What else is new?

  16. Anyone with a brain knows all cash is fake and backed by nothing, especially now that our economy is trashed even though we are lied to daily by the MSM and President Trump. The feds are dumping billions into our broken system daily. When it crashes it will crash super hard so please don't be deceived. If you invest in anything buy gold or silver, and above all place your trust in God and not man or money.

  17. The fed should just print millions of dollars more so that there's a lower percentage of counterfeits. like if u agree

  18. It's all fake… just paper backed by nothing

  19. First Like , View & Comment ! " Show Me The Money ! 💸

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