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Family Outraged Over Video Of 6-year-old Being Taken To Mental Health Facility | NBC Nightly News

Officers are seen in edited body camera footage escorting a 6-year-old girl out of school and to a nearby mental health facility, where she would be committed for two days. The school alleges the girl was “destroying school property, attacking staff” and “out of control,” but her family says they are shocked and outraged over the decision.
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Family Outraged Over Video Of 6-year-old Being Taken To Mental Health Facility | NBC Nightly News


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  1. I guess I didn’t realize it was social workers jobs to abuse children.

  2. Most kids don’t have ADHD they just want them doped up so they don’t have to watch them.

  3. Why wasn’t her parents called? Omg the bakers law sounds unconstitutional.

  4. My grandson was took from school to mental hospital when he was 7 because of a picture he drew. Police threatened us with arrest if we intervened. Sad no court just police poor child scarred for life at 22 still remembers it

  5. Donald J. Trumps home State

  6. This is why it is essential to publicly execute pigs, politicians and their families.

  7. Crazy is society get used to it!

  8. That's her kid. Police have no business doing anything without contacting the parent.


  10. I am glad the police woman tried to say something nice to and about her.
    But that little girlis going to have some big trust issues.

  11. #BernieSanders2020
    Medicare for all Americans

    (Because she's going to need serious therapy after that.)

  12. It’s a law , you don’t like it vote to change it , or move for it to be a law most people thought it was a good idea

  13. The fact that they are attacking innocents and making it a normal procedure is true horror in itself.
    It’s disgusting and saddening the way societies have been behaving, enabled of course by a tyrant.

  14. This is government overreach usurping parental rights, democrats deserve the bureacreacy they vote for.

  15. Florida has the worst laws, what the heck is wrong, oh Gore vs Bush vote people, paper ballots, this little girl and her family deserves better! We all do!

  16. Florida is trash everyone who doesnt live there knows it the only people who dont know are the ones who live there

  17. Everyone involved with that should be fired that is gross negligence and incompetence

  18. This is because they own our children get them out of their schools

  19. Don't HIPPA laws protect children from having their private medical information made public? News channels can tell this story without identifying a specific person. Using children this way is exploitation, not ethical and it shouldn't happen.

  20. this girl needs to be contained or be schooled at home. she is a potential threat to other children at school. I can only think that the parents want compensation from the school district. another case of using their kids as a means of money

  21. This is very frightening. How will this child ever be able to feel safe in school again.☹️

  22. Why was she acting out at school – destroying property and being disrespectful to teachers? Her parents should be investigated as well.

  23. They make them kids wake up too early and spend too much time thinking and sitting.

  24. What ever happened to "Phone call home"

  25. Is this a joke?!!!! Wake up people 😐

  26. The parents don't know how to raise that child

  27. Power to initiate involuntary holds. Are Florida’s motives to actually protect children or inflict pain? Cause Florida is corrupt from top to bottom.

  28. Was this her first outburst at school? Destructive behavior and assaultive actions? What actions have parents taken to help their child?

  29. She has adhd nuff said…adults are awful people

  30. 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭whoa whoa whoa 👎👎👎👎🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  31. Kids these days are out of control, and parents dont give a sh*t. That's the result of liberal upbringing your democrats and liberals have forced upon the society. Kids need discipline and rules to grow straight. We see this in animals. If baby animal grows without parents, without discipline imposed upon it by parents and pack, the animal goes insane. Science fact. Same happens to humans with liberal, do what you want upbringing.

  32. Sue the school, the police and the hospital but most importantly, take your beautiful daughter out of this school now.

  33. Horrible that they did that to this little girl.

  34. Call her mother first!!!! I don't understand why her mother wasn't called to pick her up.

  35. 100% wrong..I'm embarrassed to be American

  36. That sad to lock her up mental hospital she going to need Counseling after this

  37. It’s always hard to deal with somebody else’s child and their miss behaving and the parents aren’t around to correct the Child themselves

  38. Poor baby,l was a teacher in Church 4 little kids,some like her. Therefor, l told them they must learn 2 control themself by God Grace and Mercy. Plus @ the end of each class 4 being good they got ice CREAM and cake.Praises The Lord 😄💋💞💞💞. They was so happy.

  39. The government owns all children.
    All people period

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