Famous Test Debut: Taylor no match for Ambrose

New Australian opener Mark Taylor was struck on the body and then bowled TWICE by searing Curtly Ambrose yorkers on his Test debut against the mighty Windies side in 1989


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  1. I can't believe how the WI has become nowadays(late 1990s-present) in 50 over and test formats

  2. Can oshane Thomas watch back these old video and see good balls with speed

  3. West Indies is never short on good players. Even they can still come as a strong team at present time. But most of their quality players prefer to play for t20 leagues and other countries. West Indies cricket board pays them a very little money .jofra Archer and Jordan previously played for west Indies in under 19 cricket and later they moved to England for this very reason.

  4. Golden era for bowling …..Tylor n Slater are far ahead from Hyden n Langer

  5. What happened to West Indies? My childhood days. I was scared to even see them on the screen. Ambrose , Walsh, Patterson.

  6. Mark Taylor is a legend alongside the great ambie


  8. Curtley Ambrose Courtney Walsh and Ian Bishop one of the most feared fast bowlers along with Waqar Wasim and Donald golden generation of fast bowlers and this is the Era Tendulkar played in!!!

  9. No one is actually talking about Mark Taylor,he was one of the best captain's I have ever seen.

  10. some evil person wrote the title of the video. This was his first game and he was facing one of the world's best bowlers. What do you expect? In fact, Mark Taylor fought bravely.

  11. Ah!!! wat a perfect yorker….Ambrose, u legend….👏👏

  12. Actually the ball coming from coconut tree very fast hard for batsmen

  13. Ambrose! Perfect name for a fast bowler

  14. We need a strong West Indies team for the benefit of the cricket lovers all across the globe..

  15. His bat handle has only one cork strip through it? That's a low quality bat, must be painful with the kind of vibrations he felt when the ball hit it.

  16. WI had their golden days with Malcolm Marshall and Clive Lloyd…..

  17. Looks like the guy was born Obese…

  18. Can you say the bgm name used in this video

  19. Ambrose v Gilchrist
    Richards v McGrath
    Sobers v Symonds
    Walsh v Hayden

    Not to mention CLIVE LLOYD(C) v RICKY PONTING(C)!
    What a match it would be, the monstrous West Indian team of the 1980s taking on the Australian invincibles of the 2000s(The team that actually whtewashed the world XI).

  20. Madness how close the field gets towards the end of the vid

  21. I would take 25 on debut against Ambrose at his best. Every. SIngle. TIme. I forgot how good fat guts really was.

  22. How about Sachin Tendulkar‘s debut? But that wasn’t in Australia.

  23. ambrose, one of my fav bowlers ever…such height and bounce….OUCH

  24. Ambrose was at his Leathel Best!!

  25. Curtly ambrose is an intimidating bowler for Sachin 👌

  26. Fast forward to manlets bowling 128 kph looseners these days.

  27. It was so difficult to score against Windies earlier. Cricket altogether was difficult earlier.

  28. Now that's good old cricket!!

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