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Fans Try To Kidnap Justin Bieber

Fans Try To Kidnap Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has One Direction’s Liam Payne phone number for emotional support. Plus – Justin Bieber meets with an ex fling in Australia.

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  1. I'm over your shit holly wood life you bullshit so much

  2. this why I love justin beacous love your fans so much😊☺💖❤❤🌹🌹

  3. that intro for justin (all that matters in slow mo) has got to go

  4. I just love him❣❣❣❣❣

  5. hw can u say that? u guys ……..

  6. who's snapchat story was that? 0.17

  7. love you justin …😍❤❤

  8. he said them to run with him

  9. I wonder where was his big scary body guards when all this was going?

  10. Like that could actually happen.

  11. To catch up to JB running and not grab him? I would have. Honestly.

  12. TBH he let the fans catch him.

  13. I wonder why he didn't yell at them to leave him alone this time?

  14. us love Justin so much… Justin don't need you help from boy band.

  15. liam could just focused to you baby and aunty cherry . …. just sing on your boy band ..

  16. so liam is promoting him self

  17. yeah so many fans even went with him jogging and racing in other video 😇

  18. lmao  "get in the car Justin!" trynna kidnap him on the down low

  19. agree with Liam, even though he also seems like snake.

  20. Lol Liam NOW wants to help him after all those hatefull comments he said about Justin Lol I think he just wants attention.😂

  21. Liam better takes his fake ass away, or imma Catch Hands.

  22. i want JB' s number this easy.

  23. nice job Ally u always brighten my day

  24. i want liams number what (first m88)

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