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Fastest 1 km backwards on a ski-bob – Guinness World Records

Fastest 1 km backwards on a ski-bob - Guinness World Records

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The fastest 1 km backwards on a ski-bob is 2 min 35.99 sec and was achieved by Hermann Koch (Austria) in Obertauern, Austria, on 18 April 2015.


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  1. I wish I had more thumbs to point down.

  2. someone really needs to make a better world record company.

  3. This is not really officially awesome

  4. People are like lame and crap but i bet you cant even do what these people are doing.

  5. What if they just fell off a cliff and landed in an extremely deep pile of snow? That would be much faster

  6. You can't really count this. everyone should have the same conditions doing this. A different person could just go on a bigger slope and do it quicker.

  7. Chuck Norris could beat that in his sleep while fighting Bruce Lee…..

  8. give me the equipment and ill break it lmao

  9. This is the only other possible way to look like a loser besides riding a ski-bob.. It must of been a redneck who invented the damn thing . Attach some skis to a bike and try to ski down a hill with it .. Now LETS GO BACKWARDS

  10. I don't even have words for this type of stuff…

  11. If you drop it off a cliff I am sure it would go a lot faster

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