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Fastest 360° flip of a car (team)

Fastest 360° flip of a car (team)

The fastest 360° flip of a car by a team is 5.25 seconds and was achieved by Jervis Manupenu, Jonny Mirza and Pete Hill (all UK) on the set of Guinness World Records Smashed at Pinwood Studios, UK, on 15 April 2009.
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  1. no because i beat it with one finger and that just my pinky

  2. thanks for the vadka now i can actually do it with 1 hand

  3. I dont think they reduce it to 600 lbs… 1980's Peugeot are small, but in tact is probably still around 2200 lbs (1000 kg). Take out engine and arteries of the car, maybe half that.

  4. I assume they have regulations, but I wonder what weight they reduce the car to? You'd think they would use round numbers, like 2000 lbs (an american ton)

  5. Its not British, I believe its a 1980's Peugeot, so that would make it French.

  6. I think spongebob does it faster

  7. peugeot 106, without motor, and lights, cables etc … FUCKING EASY. hold on a sec, ima do it with my moms car …. brb

  8. i bet the car didn't have a motor in it

  9. if you can do it one handed,why do you need us to hold your vodka then?

  10. Try doing that with my Cadillac then we'll talk

  11. thought the car was in for a tre flip… slightly disappointing.

  12. Yea that car was barbones no engine the inside was stripped cept the seats

  13. pull a school bus next time ;V;

  14. i can masturbate in 30 seconds without porn and using only 3 fingers , is that a world record ?

  15. I could use my Jedi powers to move that car. There's nothing in it!

  16. thats one small car with nothing in it. just a frame. maybe 600 pounds? 3 guys? thats not to hard.

  17. pshh i can do that one handed hold my vodka

  18. It doesnt even have an engine in it. And a lot of other stuff is missing as well.

  19. Flipping cars. Because flipping tables is too mainstream…

  20. Skateboarding's for pussies.

  21. Its a Peugeot 106, so substantially lighter, and smaller than the 306 you mentioned.

  22. the second i saw the rugby players i thought "they are gonna win"

  23. i hope these guys don't decide to riot

  24. theres no engine, theres no drivetrain, its only light metal, put the engine and everything back into it and see if its the same results, then say its a record.

  25. @la12376 wtf did he do???!!!

  26. @XWhatiLikex … are you totally retarded?

  27. $20 says that cars engine is stripped out

  28. Yeah guys! we did it!!! yeah, manly!!!! now jump around in a circle like 12 year olds 😀


  30. imagine those goys as parking guards

  31. you cant park here ! *flip*

  32. @BumbleBeat21 All they do is showing their…uh…steroidity!

  33. yearrr RUGBY TEAM..!! cooolll

  34. You don't have to be shirtless to show your masculinity!

  35. @animekittycatgirl
    xDD thumps up for that one

  36. @TheLAdao thats all they are good for

  37. this car has normal weight around 400-600kg..and this car have no engine,radio,a/c,batteries,exhaust,lights,glasses,suspension,gear box,brakes……

  38. anyone notice its an empty car no engine…and what a waste of a honda!

  39. am i the only thinking… like a boss?

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