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Fastest streamlined 3-wheeled electric motorcycle speed – Guinness World Records

Fastest streamlined 3-wheeled electric motorcycle speed - Guinness World Records

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The fastest speed in a streamlined three-wheeled electric motorcycle is 387.32 km/h (240.72 mph) and was achieved by Eva Håkansson (Sweden) riding the KillaJoule at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA, on 28 August 2014.

Eva designed and built KillaJoule – she has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and is working towards a PhD in the same subject. Eva hopes her record will show that eco-friendly vehicles can be fast and exciting, and that “women can be excellent engineers”.

Photo credit: Lou Fischer/BonnevilleStories.com, Gerry Jenkinson/Vindeo.co.uk, Brian Lecky/ContentCanning.com


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  4. Are any specs available? Like motor or battery configuration used?

  5. visit the motorcycle page on Instagram @BIKE_PG….ride safe guy's

  6. Really interesting accent she has and I'm not about to make a guess. Anyone know?

  7. That is a cool record! Add some wings though and you got a plane

  8. thats a 3 wheeled car not a motorcycle

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  12. all i can do is to build a car with my imagination

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