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Fastest Time To Roll 10 Cars

Fastest Time To Roll 10 Cars

Spanish Super Strongman Inaki Gil Diez de Argote set a new Guinness World Record when he rolled ten Fiat Panda cars (weighing 750 kg or 1,653 lb) 180° onto their roofs in 1 min 44 sec at the studios of El Show de los Récords in Madrid, Spain in November 2001.
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  1. I can do that here hold my vodka

  2. Gas coming out of the car at 3:24

  3. When this guy is pulled over by the police, he gets out, flips the cop car over and yells DON'T F)*$ING FOLLOW ME AGAIN!!

  4. the first guy didn't suck. he just wasn't as good as the second. win for idiotic youtube comments^^

  5. He is so happy 4 his mcdonalds 1000$ coupon at 4:10

  6. Can any actually tell the difference between a Fiat Panda and Seat Marbella? As a Panda owner I'm relieved and insulted. 😉

  7. @yadira1orn101 and then the first guy stole it.

  8. him: hey you give me your car
    car owner : no
    him: oh yea?!
    him: *pushes*

  9. @Dwarfvader9000 stretch out his nuts

  10. @wowds1 what do you think he said?

  11. who wants a ride home?

  12. The tank from left for dead 2 o.0

  13. This guy should be a loan shark.

  14. 2:42 did he say wat i think he said

  15. id like to see some one take his parking spot….

  16. he is good i give him the but he is no where near as close to chuck norris

  17. lol go to the CC thing on teh bottom right hand side of the screen and press audio translate go to @2:17 read and like this status XD

  18. why am I getting the "Embedding disabled by request, watch on youtube" message on some videos??

  19. tubby want a brownie? 😮

  20. My mom got mad when I did this to her car.

  21. That would be So Freaking Awesome to have him in your Family!!!!!
    You get mad at your Neighbor he goes and Flips His Car.
    It would be Funny to do it as a Prank. Do it at a Supermarket Parking Lot to a random car. Ive done it to some colleges when we wan payback for something. But with the Help of some other guys or with a Forklift. They were much bigger and Heaviest though not like this Stupid Little Old Cars out of the Junk Yard without Engine that takes lot of the weight off, its the heaviest

  22. you fire him at the job and your car will be flipped lol

  23. the first guy was fat lol

  24. Makes the first guy look really bad

  25. @Marrowni now i wanna try it lol. i know a guy with a few scrap pintos that with no engine prob weighs the same. im sure if i put handles on it i can get it over. ill make a video about it this will be fun. 😛

  26. @codybugg1114 im with you

  27. why is always fat people they get Heavy records

  28. I love how you didn't read the comment and chose ignorance. It was filmed in the studios of El Show de los Records in MADRID, SPAIN.

    Dumbass American. 🙂

  29. i bet he has a better diet than you hahaha

  30. I love hey they put the black tarp down to close to the cars. Dumbass Bristsh

  31. i dont get it. they had handles and they werent all the same weight. how can someone try to beat that record? use the same cars every time?

  32. Give this guy a WWE contract!

  33. omg he's a beast.. those seat are not heavy as BMW or Mercedes but there's 10 cars!

  34. haha the first guy couldnt

  35. Wish he could do that with all the BMW MINIS

  36. WOW… Thats crazy!!!!!!!!!

  37. This guy is the real superman.

  38. nice because the car weight 750 kg or 1,653 lb

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