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Fat Face vs. Flat Face – Reddit Fifty Fifty

You asked for it and we delivered! SourceFed does reddit’s /r/fiftyfifty once again!

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  1. Why are we looking at dead bodies on the internet? Seriously wtf?

  2. I love how one of the tabs is "Helping you unsee the reddit 50/50"

  3. Sam should get a reward for the most changed hair

  4. Trisha actually has a normal voice in this

  5. thanks for the boner in public Trisha…9:33

  6. Joe and Trish sounded so disappointed about the selfies.

  7. Philip Defranco is here! Literally my two favorite YouTube channels

  8. I love the reactions and whatnot, but I'm surprised that even two years later, we have still yet to have a host who is just really dark and loves this stuff. Not to the point of psychosis, but just they have a really morbid sense of humor and entertainment. That would be a funny host to me.

  9. I didnt know peanut butter came in video format -___- smh

  10. Philip's shirt tho! love it!

  11. don't ever go on there. THERE'S SOME DARK SHIT. My sleep is haunted by a video of a girl's face ripped off.

  12. sam reminds me of herbie here , from Rudolph.

  13. the guy with the girl reminds me of shaun spencer from psych wait is he shaun spencer from psych

  14. I have the same shirt as Sam omg

  15. Awww lil baby Sam. He's grown so much since this.

  16. second 50/50 video (that one with car and bicycle) was filmed in Russia.

  17. Trisha gives the best reactions

  18. That eeyore bit phil was mentioning about time travel sounds like an early hodor prediction from game of thrones

  19. Phil looks so much more thinner

  20. Joe and Phil and Sam are the ultimate love boys squad.

  21. aaah the good old days, when you could click on a sourcefed video and not have to suffer Candace's dumb bored face

  22. 9:43 close your eyes and let your imagination take over

  23. watching joe and trisha together was funny

  24. Don't you hate it when you're trying to do the ice bucket challenge and someone randomly throws a fridge at you?

  25. So, people actually think that beanies, dyed hair, and glasses all smashed together doesn't look fucking awful?

  26. look at Sam being all hipster

  27. Philip Defranco is a badass. He doesn't even flinch.

  28. Dark side of the moon shirt huh. I already like that guy. I have the exact same shirt.

  29. I miss crazy colour hair sam!! 💜


  31. Just hope it's just speaking tongues when it comes to the dog's ass.

  32. Wtf, I'm on Reddit and I can't find any of these

  33. 5:205:34 bring Joe back. Stick him and Maude in front of cameras. Pun battle to the death.

  34. i went on Reddit for the first time today, i have seen more dead people in 10 minutes then i have in my entire life…

  35. PHIL used to try and be in everything, I am so glad he let the Sourcefed crew start doing everything on their own.

  36. AAAAAWWW IT'S A KITTY AND A DAAAAHHHHGGG. Goddamn, Trisha, lower the decibels.

  37. I know this is random but who thinks Joe could play Hawkeye

  38. Joe And his movie references!😂😂

  39. Well the dude with his face off had a hole in his forehead. I think it could be that the coroner removed his skin to be able to determine the exact angle the bullet went in his skull?

  40. I want to see Maude do one of these 😂

  41. Phil…there is no peanut butter in that car scene! It's a gif, not jif. >.>

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