Fawad khan Ali zafar Maya Ali together in Teefa in Trouble

Fawad khan Ali zafar Maya Ali together in Teefa in Trouble

Teefa in Trouble is an upcoming Pakistani romantic action comedy film. The film is a directorial debut of Ahsan Rahim, who is known for directing the music videos and television commercials with several Pakistani artists under his Tadpole Films,
Initial release: July 20, 2018 Teefa discovers how the other half live the life he’d always dreamed of. Only this time, Teefa and Anya seem to be seeing the same dream: And there’s a price for every dream. With Bonzo’s bullies, and the police on the one side and Butt’s bullies and well, more bullies on the other – Teefa is in serious Trouble this time… but this time, he’s in trouble for the right reason! Where there’s Teefa there’s Trouble


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  1. Where's Fawad? Fawad isn't in the film

  2. when will teefa i n trouble come at youtube

  3. I liked this vedio only because of fawad

  4. O bhn kpre tu thk phn leti .😡

  5. Ali zafar bht pyara lag RHA hain

  6. Dramo my hmra culture dikhya hta full dresses dikhye jty islye unka mukabla koe ni kr skta ..films my hmra culture ni hta na dikhya jta hy jbky wo log focus krty hyn …pura labas phna hta hy dramas my tbhi Pakistani achy hty

  7. how come Maya Ali's hair is blonde/brown in the movie?? 🙂

  8. مايا
    dress 😨😰😫😣

  9. Pakistani Film Industry : Our humble request plz stop promoting obscenity in the name of entertainment, progress and development. Nudity is not progress…and development. This is not service to your country!!! Plz think about it !!! Stop spoiling our generations to come…🙏🏻 Forgive us plz

  10. Fawad and Ali zafar my favorite hero in lollywood 😍

  11. انشا اللہ یہ ایک کامیاب فلم ہو گی

  12. I love u maya ali you movie is super hit

  13. Allah kre humari film industry din dugni or rat chugni tbah or brbad ho aamee

  14. Zarrar movie blost kere gi ………lets wait nd watch now pakistani movies raising… Its good very good. Movement

  15. Ye fawad movies Q nahi bnata inhe is waqt Pakistan ki film industry k liye kam karna chahiye

  16. Pakistan MUST maintain quality, please DON'T try to make quantity. Less is More if we have outstanding Quality of contents. Don't get intimated by Bollywood or any others. You don't know there are millions of people who don't want to watch crap Bollywood vulgar stories or dance.

  17. Lollywood is owsmmm. Lollywood k sb heroes and heroines sb real may hi etny pyary innocent and diligent charming lgty hai.

  18. Ali Zafar aur Fawad Khan hi kafi hai Bollywood k liye ❤️

  19. maya more powerful n confident that fawad when it comes to views abt india

  20. fawad always inclined towards India , y ??? he is so famous but still he doesn't have that guts n confidence that a star has . alas we dont have stars they r loosers

  21. The day when lollywood films beat mighty Bollywood,then that day Bollywood would beat Hollywood

  22. Good mihaly Pakistani Kisi Se Kam Nahi Hai

  23. Fawad khan and Ali both are stars

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