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FBI Joins Urgent Search For Missing Mother And Her Three-Week-Old Daughter | NBC Nightly News

Heidi Broussard and her baby Margot have been missing for nearly a week. Her parents spoke out today for the first time.
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FBI Joins Urgent Search For Missing Mother And Her Three-Week-Old Daughter | NBC Nightly News


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  1. How did the cops get this lead?


  3. I'm boycotting every product I see an ad for on YouTube.

  4. Dang, we all got that wrong, thinking it was the boyfriend.

  5. Heidi was apparently found deceased in the trunk of a car,However this car is said too have belonged to a friend of Heidi. The Baby is perfectly fine Thank God.Apparently DYFS or Child Protective Services received a tip from someone that the baby was in bad hands and so Law enforcement got involved and right now The FBI is piecing it all together.Chances are the real truth is that the fbi actually tracked down the best possible lead using phone records and used the cover story so they could get that baby as fast as possible and it’s perfectly fine imo too bend the law in this type of scenario.
    God Bless the family and may Heidi rest in piece now,knowing her Baby Margot is safe.

  6. she's on a play date😬.
    those parents are truly grieving ☹️

  7. I hope she Allrigh but her boyfriend looking cheeky

  8. is this a video with her in it in olive green dress next to girl in red
    if so? maybe she was arrested for protesting their gun views….????
    also at 3:013:06 you see a woman with a baby and that lady in blue walk away to the street …..same lady in blue from this other video link below talking about her and the missing baby

  9. I feel like when the husband/boyfriend makes an appearance on the news has almost made them a suspect but it's also been ruined because of Chris Watts

  10. Man walking dog.  Cameras show up.  Tears.

  11. There is no mystery as to what happened to this mother and child.

  12. She's probably been weighted down under a body of deep waters somewhere.

  13. She looks absolutely glowing in her delivery picture. If she didn't have postpartum depression, there is no reason to think she would leave on her own. I'm praying for their safe return.

  14. In every report, he never looks directly at the camera or reporter 😳

  15. I hope they are safe ❤️

  16. This is heartbreaking. I am holding out hope that they come home safe!!!

  17. Sadly, she's been "missing" for too long.

  18. I predict the boyfriend did it. Looking down at the ground when he answers.

  19. Take the beanie off dude…what does his hair look like. Is it identifiable like long hair would be?

  20. I do t think it’s fair to blame the husband/ boyfriend just because of Chris Watts…it may turn out to be him but I’m not seeing any reason to blame him ….yet!

  21. Remember Chis Watts? Same case except he wont confes and he didn't buried her at his office. Detectives will catch him eventually. Lie detector test? He refused? Ha!

  22. He looks exhausted and stressed.

  23. My money's on the boyfriend.

  24. It’s almost always the spouse….

  25. No suspects? Mmmm. I'd say there is one big one.

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