FBI official allegedly altered document in Russia probe: Report

Former California Congressman Darrell Issa gives his perspective on the impeachment inquiry hearings and Inspector General Horowitz’s report on the Russia probe, which is due out in December.

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  1. The democrats gone crazy because they did not want to be investigated.

  2. How was that juicy Georgia peach? Hmm?

  3. AfD for Trump !
    We Germans, EU(not the Istitution NOW, but all members+GB), USA, and Russia can be very good frinds, from now easy,
    when the "Deep State" is gone.

    This will be the beginning of an good proces worldwide …
    We Germans are not free already and oure "deep state" is very interwoven
    with yours. Your History is now a big part of oure History! Your "deep
    state" is the Mothership of some other "deep states" worldwide. USA will
    be a Superpower, easy without this Mafia of "deep state" and a better
    place to life in. Remember the good Dreams, we have had …! They will
    be back 🙂 when we win!

    TRUMP is a hope Worldwide!

    … and its a shame some People dont know because of the Mainstreammedia
    Mafia CNN & co. In Germany every is by the bringing of all major
    TV stations and nearly all radio stations under government "control",
    the spread of self-censorship …. horrror! USA dont forget to be
    thankfull for FOX! aned more importend the small free "pirate" media

    FOX is a hope Worldwide!

    God bless You Patriots and Friends! SRY my mad English 😉

  4. That's bull with Putin puting together the sovjet union again, stay serious.

  5. Don’t expect indictments, Horowitz is a hack.

  6. Dr. Hill is her own biggest fan. Huge ego. Doesn’t want to follow policy orders. Remove her.

  7. Horowitz is weak. Protecting deep state assets.

  8. Back up! Horowitz referred McCabe for criminal prosecution? I didn't know this! Ok then! Why hasn't he been arrested or has the deep state media covered this up as well?

  9. Some facts, simplified for the intellectually challenged.
    1. Trump is cleaning out the swamp
    2. The residents of swamp (career swamp creatures) are unwilling to give up all of the swamp money, so are not going quietly.
    3. It took time to get here and will take time to remedy, but the drainage will continue.

  10. Good luck Mr. Issa!! I pray you win!!! You are a good man!!

  11. Don't give them guns ,Sell Russia Uranium,for Personal Profit.

  12. The document altering maybe "juicy." But let's not get too excited, Foxers: Misconduct by a third person would have no bearing on Trump's impeachment or his subsequent criminal prosecution. One crime does not cancel out another.

  13. There were three attempts before the FISA court to get an order for surveillance. The first two didn’t succeed. Obviously they altered the request and submitted it again. Otherwise it would be ridiculous to submit the exact same request.

  14. Someone needs to look into the wrong-doing of those who are investigating the president. That's a nest of vipers. This mustn't happen again; these creeps and loonies should be prosecuted. What I see is a bunch of corrupt people who just see everything through poop-colored lenses. "Oh, it wasn't anything Trump said, it was what I HEARD because that's what people always mean…. He meant he wanted the Ukrainian president to pay and to pay dearly…. tit for tat… of course he wasn't just going to give the aid without something in return…". Now, I see that was MY assumption…. (Yes, I've been in this corrupt "Deep State" soup for so long, it's the norm here… I've been SOAKING IN IT). And as the little maggot who was in the military and now, retired, dons his Lt. Col. uniform…. said, "But in the military, I take what my superior says as an order!" (How else can I escape all responsibility? "I HAVE to follow ORDERS, see…"? (So my total lack of ethics is never a problem!)

  15. When will America wake up to the Jewish control

  16. Who was the persons supervisor?? Go up the chain of command.

  17. FIRST OF ALL CNN REPORTING Is Fake news you lost me .

  18. They go on about how corrupt Ukraine is, but our own FBI works with other groups at getting the President they want in/out of Office……… that's called a coup.

    "A coup d'état, also known by its German name putsch, or simply as a coup, is the overthrow of an existing government by non-democratic means; typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a dictator, the military, or a political faction."

  19. If nothing is done about these traitorous criminals starting with Hillary Clinton then it proves there is no Justice only corruption and they will continue to suck America and Americans dry. Now at this point in time there needs to be set an example. Charged prosecuted and jailed these criminals NOW!

  20. so another FBI offical proven to be corrupted beyond a doubt ! we need a special jail for them = and a wall to stand against so they can face a firing squad !

  21. There's your fall guy . He'll go to prison and the rest will walk .

  22. ☮️, 💛, and Trump 2020 !!!

  23. Fiona Hill is friends with Christopher Steel and is a Soros person. She arrogant and narrow minded. She needs to be fired in the most hostile way possible.

  24. They the democrats should be hung


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