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FBI to Investigate Video of Female Student Body-Slammed by Cop | NBC Nightly News

The FBI will open a civil rights investigation into why an officer violently threw a student to the ground in a South Carolina classroom, caught on video now gone viral.
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FBI to Investigate Video of Female Student Body-Slammed by Cop | NBC Nightly News


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  1. That’s wrong!! Idc if it escalates u don’t do that to a student he should be fired


  3. Lol if you don’t cooperate with a cop then what do you expect to happen

  4. Left wing communist media that love criminals

  5. i feel thT disciplinary action, but not like that

  6. And all the others watching relaxed like watching TV????

  7. “It wasn’t right he was flinging her around like a dragdoll”

  8. The cop did the right thing this kids today want to run the schools …I dont let my kids run my house ..but most wanna get into it for money.

  9. Bro she deserved it she was uncooperative

  10. So…. you dont want to listen ey?… let me do my WWE style

  11. Wow no ones going to ask if the lap top is ok?! 2:21

  12. Alot of you guys are saying she deserved it or whatever but she really did not. Okay she was being disrespectful but the cop did not have to tip her out of the seat! When she was on her phone he could have taken it! That surely would have made her get up. And even if it didn't he didn't have to slam her to the floor and then drag her across it. If it then came to the point where that was necessary then you didn't have to drag her as well. When you slammed her you could have just picked her up after you did that but no you had to be extra. And just because a MINOR you guys need to remember she's a teenager a minor, just because she threw a punch you guys act like it's going to hurt a grown man. She missed anyways! Her throwing a punch means nothing she's a teenager what possible harm could she do with a simple punch to a grown man.

  13. Whoa, and Everyone interviewed was smiling about it…

  14. It’s not assault it’s just AMERICA

  15. "throwing her 'round like a drag doll"
    a drag doll lmfao… u mean rag doll?

  16. Am I the only person who was thinking about how her foot hit the other persons computer or desk or face I could not tell.

  17. Lmao yall dumb asf he dragged her bc she tried to hit him in the face

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