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Fed Chair Powell holds news conference as rates remain unchanged

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell holds a press briefing on rate decision.

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  1. Let me know when the b crashes I just wanta celebrate

  2. Interesting, this guy (Powl) avoided giving the Executive Branch of Government any credit for its creation of the US' economic success! Sure the Congress approves $ spending + various $ policies; however, without the Executive Branch making enticing offers corporations cannot resist (for the purpose of return capital to & building plants in the US) the present general economic prosperity would not exist. Being that the Federal Reserve serves the US & other countries now facing real economic unrest (like the EU + etc.), is this power controlling economic behemoth (whose chairman is driving globalist $ policies) basically looking out for itself & for foreign countries on its portfolio, at the expense of the US? Economics, at the Federal Reserve level, is Greek to most of the general public, so Powell can sell tacos & bagels in place of real beneficial info regarding the origins of the economic state of the US. The truth is that this behemoth made "0" interest rates available to the Obama Administration, due to the fact that this administration was farming out & pushing corporation exit to the highest, foreign country, bidders (for personal + cohort gain) & regulating US corporations, in every way possible, to achieve corporation exit or demise. The Federal Reserve did this so the Obama economy wouldn't tanck worse than it did due to corporations exit, lack of jobs, & all that economically falls apart due to everyday people not having $ to spend. Remember all those vacant malls? Now, the Federal Reserve Chairman is playing "tug of war" with the Executive Branch of Government in an attempt to bend it to its will, & the soap opera of real life (that affect real people) continues! Thank heaven for the Trump Administration whose origins are business & not career politics. Due to its knowledge, it is not made to believe that the moon is made of green cheese $ by the Federal Reserve Chairman (also, President Trump was schooled in economics at one of the most prestigious institutions in the Nation, so he is hard to snow).

  3. Whys everyone saying end the fed? Money multiplier is a great thing. They buy and sell bonds being able to manage inflation. How is this a bad thing?

  4. Allow inflation it will get out of hand, the last time it took extraordinary measures to bring it down again.

  5. The fed is UN-constitutional and all of these banking criminals belong in federal prison.

  6. The Creature From Jekyll Island

  7. Andrew Jackson knew what to do with a central bank! President Trump knows too! End the FED.

  8. lets get a democrat program to get all the homeless to run on treadmills to generate green power that would for sure end fossill fuels and give these low lifes a job

  9. don't borrow any money if you're poor

  10. just need to balance the budget, stop borrowing, and do what trump is doing by trying to fix hard goods trade and reduce the current account deficits. the world can only buy so much of our consulting services (soft good).


  12. the feds give illegals tax free money (our MONEY)

  13. Fed is "The Bank of England". Need to run this traitorous MFer out of my Country.

  14. O.M.G. the longest I could listen to this skewed logic was 5 minutes. Make sure you read your script of confabs carefully, lest you tell a truth somewhere in the spontaneity!

  15. I say lets use the FED bankers, build up infrastructure and roads, businesses, and buildings, and let them pay back some of our ill-gotten gains , and when the time is right, we get as many people off the government assistance and welfare, while preparing a new system that is accountable backed by something like gold and at that moment, the Fed says hey you owe us, we flip the finger and get our money back controlled by our US treasury and US Mint. NO more Middle man.! and they can shove that debt right where..Reset! No more corporation controlled by banksters disguised as "Our"government, based on perpetual debt. No More [CB]!

  16. Reinstate the Unions so we have the ability to demand and get higher wages and then we'll all have the extra income to go out and buy those $400,000 homes they are pumping out onto the market.

  17. Why the hell isn't this edited better than having me watch nearly 6 MINUTES OF NOTHING??? GET TO THE POINT ALREADY.

  18. End the Fed and End The IRS and personal income tax

  19. Your kidding right Healthy Job Market there were almost 10,000 store closures this year alone the trucking industry is being devestated 3000 plus people were laid off two days ago and your saying Healthy Job Market Come on Jerome Powell tell the consumer the truth if the Markets crash over night let it crash stop kicking the can down the road and face reality we are in trouble as a Country Admit it

  20. Please Sir, never atop printing our money. We will be the only nation which printing currency, might make our dollar increase in value plus keep the wolves away.

  21. If the economy is so strong how come I’m so broke, I’m making the same amount of money I made 30 yeas ago and I’m in state medical management, I don’t see it!
    my wife is a real estate broker and is making less deals then she was 15 years ago.

    Sorry I don’t see the benefits of this so called great economy! I guess the rich are getting richer and the middle class is going broke.
    This is BS!!

  22. 25:43 overshoots of inflation are an appropriate policy??

  23. REPO = QE Let's bail out the banks…again. EU included.

  24. Biggest CON in human history.

  25. This man is another killjoy democrat deep state snake. Owned, rehearsed, and programmed by the terrible hate filled democrats and their demon hordes.

  26. Fake money… print print print someday it will pop

  27. Hey…Let’s call the bank the “Fed”, then people will actually believe it’s part of our government.

  28. give this guy some lead no good sob

  29. Fed lost control repo market.

  30. Audit the Fed! These lying SOBs, do not make the economy! You only print and loan out money, that's all these lying SOBs are supposed to do! The public has been tricked into believing that these SOBs control the economy. Raising rates only enrich the globist bankers. Cut the effing rates now, so that the US can compete against the currency manipulating countries.

  31. 🤔Thanks for not popping the Stock bubble, no thanks for enslaving the public for thousands of years. End the fed

  32. Is the gold fringed flag American, or does it mean something else entirely ?? /G

  33. Inflation is the expansion of the currency supply. Velocity of currency is at an all time low. When this idiot sees inflation God help us.

  34. VOLUME FOX! Garbage you are doing this crap.

  35. IG HOROWITZ claims there were about 17 significant errors or omissions before the FISC and he saw no unusual paterns of bias? Horowitz's investigation bumps the count up to 18 significant errors, maybe Adam Schiff can get Horowitz's phone records for the past 5 years.

  36. Everything is coming up roses. Now explain why the FED has been interfering in the market and pumping out billions every day.

  37. Clearly not enough money to buy a better micro

  38. Federal Reserve run by criminal Schiff family End the Federal Reserve which is not federal

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