Erik Conover Video Blog Ep.223 Feeding the Homeless New York City

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OCTOBER 14th, 2015

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  1. i like how you say "live your passion" it's cool phrase )

  2. Some times a nice and thoughtful thing to do for someone is give them a chance to help YOU… allow someone to help, give, and of course they will feel NEEDED and useful too.

  3. nice thing I've done for someone? …..giving a wool blanket to a woman who was living in the desert, clothes too, and some food, she had lost everything (her boyfriend took off with all their things)….. my friend brought her by my home and I had to gather things for her very fast, but the main thing was the wool army blanket I gave her.. she was very glad to have it … it gets very cold in the desert at night. I gave her some cash as well.

  4. The coffee was probably really strong because it wasn't coursely ground. If you buy pre-ground coffee it will probably taste REALLY strong in a French press.

  5. hey Erik and Jess !!!!! I've done blankets and coat drives to collect for the homeless and pass the items out for the holidays

  6. showing love for others!! 💝💋
    "greater love has no then to give his live for a friend"
    you are known by how you treat others.
    Thank you for letting Jesus love shine from you

  7. Doing such things is great, but everyone should remember to always remain humble; never gloat. God will find a way to repay you, slowly but surely

  8. thank you for not exploiting them on camera. God bless you

  9. you guys should do something with Tess Christine and her boyfriend!!! they live in NYC as well (:

  10. There is this homeless gentlemen at my local subway. I was give him some cash. You can tell he tries. His clothes have holes but are always clean and hes supper polite

  11. Loved this vlog! Very inspiring.

  12. Sometimes, when I go to uni, I buy some food before class or I prepare something at home. I usually buy/prepare 2 portions, so I can give one away to a homeless person. It's usually vegan burritos or curry! Sometimes sandwiches or also fruits. I love seeing their reactions! 🙂

  13. I like the feeling when you help someone, I think it's a vital part of human being to help someone. There is so many parts of your life when you do something and you doubt… like "is it right thing that I am doing it?" But when you help someone you are shure that its right thing to do. Cheers 🙂
    And sorry for my poor English.

  14. I think two 😉 of the nicest things i've ever done are listening to my music students when they tell me about their worries and problems, trying to offer them an open door and, if possible, some advice. Since most of them are very young, the signal of true interest and acceptance of their personality is the key for them in that case.
    I also met up with my younger cousin (who is a smart person) when he got in trouble continuing high school at the age of 17. He was about to drop it due to him not doing well mentally. So throughout over a year, we studied together at least twice week for a couple of hours. He finally graduated from high school really great. It was his achievement, not mine. I gave my time to him, but he performed so great and it still almost makes me cry that I was in the position to help someone a big deal just by accompanying. I enjoyed it a lot and will never forget the fun hours we've spent together.
    THX for further inspiration!

  15. The nicest thing I've done hmmmm

  16. We all need to do our part to help the homeless & should not judge them. Special & unfortunate circumstances have led to many people sleeping on the streets. So give them a burger, a dollar, a warm blanket, or whatever you can to help out. It's good for your soul.


  17. one time i bought a homeless kid a full meal. bought him extra food for the day and bought all the garlands he was selling as well.

  18. U guys have huge hearts. God bless u all xxx

  19. It's all about giving back unconditionally. Way to go Erik & Dylan!

  20. Wonderful ! loved it…and quite inspiring!! The nicest thing I have done is ….hmmmm…..I think let my friend that I was supposed to move to NYC with a coupld months ago keep the 700 that I sent him for my part of the rent. He was kind of short and counted on me to be there, but life called me in another direction. It felt good to give that too him to help him start a new life there in the city.

    I have an idea for you 2…

    Winter is coming. I know exactly how cold it gets there in that city. What if you started a warm clothes for the homless campaign? I could so see you two doing this and being very inspiring to all who are watching. I would send you a coat of two !!! I am certain many of your other followers would too!!

  21. GREAT JOB and this is the reason I mainly subscribed to your channel, because you guys are cool , good people.

  22. Quickly climbing to 30,000. So happy. You two deserve the very best. Genuine, good-hearted, authentic people.

  23. I feel like I know you guys and have never met you. Hope that will change when I come to NY again this coming summer. We were there for the U2 concert for 4 days back in July, I thought about asking you guys back then for a meet up but I'm super shy. Hope next time I'll brave it out. ❤️you guys! You guys rock. Awesome stuff you guys are doing. Erik, so awesome of you to participate in something so meaningful. No one should ever be homeless or hungry.

  24. The world needs more people like Erik & Dylan. Empathy, kindness, and compassion are rare traits.

  25. if youre interested in traveling videos on a budget, you should check out Damon and Jo!!!

  26. My friend was self employed and in deep depression at the time, and she confessed to me she didn't have money to pay rent or her taxes, and had no food for the week because she was having such a hard time with her mental health she couldn't get out of bed. I paid her taxes, her land lord and took her grocery shopping. We are no longer friends sadly, (people aren't always grateful) but i never asked her to pay me back and it feels good knowing that i helped her from getting into a situation that would have been nearly impossible for her to get out of.

  27. I manage a bank and a customer came in, barely making it, struggling, they were in the red quit a bit- they wanted to close their account because they couldn't keep up so instead of closing I told him that if he came to see me every month to learn about balancing and keeping a budget that his debt would be taken care of the next day (paid out of own pocket). He now comes 3 times a week to visit and has had a positive balance for over 1 year!

  28. Sooo cool of you to have the initiative to go out and be the change! It's something I've wanted to do for so long! To answer the question of the day, I volunteered in Belarus in a children's home for mentally & physically disabled children. It definitely changed my life & any assumptions about syndromes such as Down's syndrome which a lot of the kids had!

  29. I knew It was Dylan before u said it was dylan

  30. donating the orphanage and feeding the orphans on my birthday 🙂

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