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Filming Tragedy | National Geographic

Filming Tragedy | National Geographic

Great Migrations: Born to Move : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/great-migrations-episode-guide/3594/Overview Filmmakers Derek and Beverly Joubert reflect on tender moment between a zebra foal and his father.
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Filming Tragedy | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. It was right after filming this that the young zebra was attacked, ripped apart and eaten by a pack off starving hyena.

  2. This is enough to make me a vegetarian….sheesh =*(

  3. Where is the lion when needed. Humans are bunch of emotional pussies

  4. …[uncut] until a lion jumps her!

  5. @Slapnuts6931 good stuff man. very funny.. 🙂

  6. @PestVic likely died from natural causes. If it had been attacked the predator would be feasting.

  7. Aww…at least he got back to the herd.

    I wonder what happened to the mother. she didn't look eaten in any way until the vultures came.

  8. Oh my gosh… My eyes are watering 🙁

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