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Finding a Cancer Killer | Breakthrough

Finding a Cancer Killer | Breakthrough

For years, Dr. Carl June has been developing possibly revolutionary techniques in cancer treatment.
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About Breakthrough:
Breakthrough provides a thought-provoking and imaginative perspective on scientific discovery as it unfolds. Each episode follows scientific explorers working on cutting-­edge projects with breakthrough potential.

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Finding a Cancer Killer | Breakthrough

National Geographic

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  1. What a BS ! In some places, people don't get cancer ( to die from ). Just find out what they are doing so well !!!!!
    Papua has 2 per 1000 deaths from cancer. US and Canada, and Europe , one in 2. Has Papua better oncologists ? No ! They don't have any !
    See what they do wright. Hopi indians From Arizona USA, don't have any cancer at all. Find out why…. I know why and I never get cancer.
    This video is a stupid medical propaganda . Oncologist are the biggest Parasites .

  2. Medical propaganda . Cancer is not genetic. Just ck out why Hopi indians from Arizona live a long life and they don't get cancer.
    If you hope that a stinkin' medical doctor solves you cancer, I call you naive ( or idiot!).
    Cancer industry is most profitable human activity. This business model is successful , so forget about a cure .

  3. But still no hope. They even didnt find real reason of cancer. How they can cure it?

  4. i want full program for car t cell please

  5. This really is spectacular but it doesn’t in any way further our knowledge of how and why cancer cells start and how they grow and expand. This is basically just killing them ideally before they grow and spread to other organ systems and cancer types. I’m glad it’s a less horrendous therapy than decades old chemo and radiation but it would be nice to hopefully wake up and find out we have finally figured out why cancer cells form on the first place.

  6. Where can i find the whole documentary pretty please???

  7. Algún link en español?

  8. thats not the full video

  9. Where can I find the full episode? I saw this during my flight but I didn’t get a chance to finish the whole episode.

  10. Not enough Black people in the cancer research clinic—– this lab is part of the cis hetero white male patriarchy and MUST BE SHUT DOWN, unless more marginalized identities are allowed to work there. This means we'll have to boot out a few of these privileged white males from the cancer research, but that's the price to pay for social justice.

  11. Love that ending. How long till this takes action on other cancers?

  12. Does he know about the endo-cannabinoid system we all contain? He might want to collaborate with cannabinoids such as CBD or THC to help understand what does work for natural organic matter and then move onto playing god. Good watch.

  13. Great, now we can have even more people.

  14. Unfortunately teaching your immune system to kill you, is a dangerous idea.

    A much safer, and more reliable alternative, is nano-technology. Tiny machines that are tuned to perform a single controllable action at the cellular level and require external energy to function.

    Everything else is a dangerous leap of faith that could very well cause human extinction.

    DNA is the source code of Life. People trying to patch that code are risking a catastrophic bugs, and real life can't be rolled back. When software engineers think about technologies like CRISPER, they imagine the billions upon trillions of possible combinations that will result in some kind of failure either immediately, or possibly in later generations, and compare that to the possibility of releasing a perfect patch with no errors even in simple programming languages not even remotely as complex as DNA…

    Then they shit their pants in rage at the idea that people are risking human extinction for the possibility of short term monetary gains.

    Mouse Doctor… more like Greedy Fuckpotato.

  15. Why cure someone of cancer, when you can get them to buy drugs that make it worse?

  16. It boggles my mind that we HAVE indeed FOUND THE CURE for CANCER….. just not the cure most people want….. So because what actually kills cancer is Cannabis and was demonized for the last few decades NOBODY wants it! I just genuinely don't understand, we have Proof that using highly concentrated doses of Rick Simpson Oil kills cancer, Shrinks Tumors, Stops Seizures in most cases….. and much more… Whats the hold up? We have so many problems that need to be addressed in this world and our country , why try to find two cures when we could just accept the one that works and reeducate people on the lies that were fed to use all? We could be spending this time and money on something that doesn't have a cure at all……… or one of the Many other Huge problems facing humanity right now……Just Seems Wasteful IMO. Stay Medicated & Happy ( Free The Weed, Cannabis kills cancer!!)

  17. Those T cells look high AF

  18. And what is the catch? Or is this a REAL breaktrough? ^^

  19. Vitamin B-17 is the cancer killer you extorted peasants!

  20. I hope this stuff works, feminism,social justice and communism needs curing…

  21. Several decades ago we can fly man to the moon and have the most devastating weapons created but we still do not have a cure for some sickness?

    Simple. If you were a doctor, after spending several of your lives studying and paying school fees, what is your ultimate aim after getting a doctor certificate? Go figure.

  22. RAW vegan, juicing, herbs, spices, alkaline foods? Anyone?

  23. What kind of response does the original T cells have with the gen-mod ones?

  24. Why would they want to find a cure? Theres too much money in it

  25. We really need to find a cure or better treatment for cancer its really ridiculous when you think about it I mean how many years has it been we have known about cancer for a while now since the 1930's or 1940's heck maybe even earlier than that and the best option we have is the barbaric in my opinion chemotherapy, cancer research as collected billions in donations and to have that many people working on something and still no ground breaking breakthrough is just shocking.

  26. Meanwhile there are still people out there that think god will cure their brain cancer, smh…

  27. cute animation~ credit ?

  28. That is exactly my point. The health care industry likes the way the game is currently stacked. I get cancer they use my personal greed of not wanting to die to treat not cure and make an insane amount of money in the long run. And since a great percentage relapse, well that's just good repeat customers.

  29. While it may be scientifically possible the health care money machine will never allow a cure. Plus totally different topic, why cure cancer anyway, we are not even close to running low on people in the world.

  30. hope its not turn to K or T virus

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