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Finding Freedom in a Frontier Life | National Geographic

Finding Freedom in a Frontier Life | National Geographic

Meet the American Mountain Men, an invitation-only group of reenactors who are inspired by the fur trade, which flourished in North America from roughly 1800 to 1840. For one week every year, they leave the modern world behind and return to a time when survival meant self-reliance. From roasting buffalo meat over a fire to sharing tips on how best to load a flintlock rifle, these men thrive in one of the last truly wild corners of the West.
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Read more about the American Mountain Men: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2015/07/mountain-men/berlin-text

VIDEOGRAPHY: David Burnett
EDITOR: Spencer Millsap

Finding Freedom in a Frontier Life | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Real doomsday peppers is what those men are!!!!!!!!!

  2. i dont think they shaved out there

  3. Don't you have enough since to go to Florida in the winter .?????

  4. What song he singing ?

  5. Then the bounty update came out and cut the sell price of all animals by 50%

  6. If yall wanta see more indepth videos of the AMM, cheak out the YouTube channel——- Mike Katona

  7. But why did y'all vote for Trump? Why do you reckon we need a Great Wall across the prairie?

  8. Where’s all the blacks wannabes at?!?

  9. Jesus…those are some REAL tough guys!

  10. Invitational only… These are the best of the best when it comes to LARPers.

  11. Running Balls or how it is called these days: ballin

  12. Where can I join I'm very interested in the fur trapper era

  13. It's like the amm was made for me.

  14. bunch of rich idiots playing pretend game

  15. Was this a shoe a special or just this shirt clip?

  16. I dont know if this is cool or stupid

  17. I have that exact same pair of fingerless gloves haha.

  18. I would love to live like this

  19. yep to bad they wrecked the whole country by just building n building anywhere n everywhere .Christ every lake in the US has so many dam homes on them . Goverment needs to stop that type of abuse on this land . Russia's smart to let there northlands stay wild while we desicrate ours .

  20. Anyone knows where I can get those traditional clothes especially here in Europe?

  21. The final stage of MGTOW

  22. I wanna spend a month doing what they do

  23. I like studying the history of the mountain men and the stories. Hugh Glass is my favorite.

  24. Old dudes playing in the woods. Sylvan Hart they ain’t.

  25. Hey guys
    Does somebody recognize the song played in the background?

  26. Please teach me. I'm an ex infantry eagle scout with no family. I'm planning a 2500 mile hike to Alaska. I should just double it and go to Hudson bay

  27. Great video – respect and good luck. Stay safe. ATB

  28. Back when people were still human beings.

  29. I wonder if anyone makes modern versions of the weapons they used

  30. OK Mountain men who was Jim Beckworth?

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