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Finding Hidden Meth | National Geographic

Finding Hidden Meth | National Geographic

Border Wars: Contraband Highway : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/border-wars/5197/Overview
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The border patrol uncover a large stash of crystal meth hidden in the dashboard of a sedan.

Finding Hidden Meth | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Wonder what they do with all of the recovered drugs

  2. Do they sometimes found large amounts of drugs could be for doctors

  3. Actually yes it does make it to the streets once the fbi get their hands on it and sell it back to fund their projects

  4. It’s funny how some Mexicans are calling them traitors as a joke but they came here to defend and protect and keep drugs off the streets and keep the country as clean as possible because they love this country

  5. That cross hanging from the mirror, lmao religion is such a joke 😂

  6. In the mean time…….3 tons of cocaine crossed in a semi right behind them

  7. I’d be scared for the airbags to go off.

  8. I say death penalty to anyone caught with more than a pound of any drug at the border!!!!!!

  9. Those officer's probably have lot scraches on there arm's.

  10. Im sitting here wondering what would happen if theres nothing in the car and they do all this disassembling😂

  11. What do they do with all the drugs they find?? Thorw it to the trash? Ship it to another country to sell? Wtf do they do with it!!!?

  12. Don't blame the dealer blame the user.

  13. It’s so cool how some of the stash cars have almost like a combination lock to access the drugs or money. Even some of the tunnels running underground are works of art.

  14. The patrols sell the drugs themselves and keep the money

  15. What happen to all vehicles after been ripped off?

  16. how tf is that hacking

  17. this made me wonder wtf do cops do with all these drugs they find destroy it? that sounds too right for our corrupt as govt i bet they sell it

  18. What do they end up doing with it all ?

  19. Funny how ppl put there smart into stupid used. Who ever that make that radio pop out like that. Go open ur own business

  20. It’s funny the fact that they have a cross in there to make them look more innocent

  21. That wud keep 16 dopefiends off the street for a few days…js..

  22. While they were playing with the rolling bop it toy. 7 semis of meth rolled on in

  23. Nah id imagine thosr are still goin into the market


  25. God dammit hank just let them sell their meth

  26. Who will enjoy the profit of that load then?

  27. Most of thise videos are about cops trying to be mechanics

  28. You know as well as I do not all those cops are clean lol

  29. Yes. Now the CIA can enjoy the profits of the meth

  30. That's just pocket change to the Cartel. It probably only cost them a few hundreds bucks to make. What is that about 10000% profit lol.

  31. Flips switch Narrator “ Perez and his team just hacked into the car’s dashboard”🤣💁🏽‍♂️

  32. I'm so interested where my meth goes and how is it made

  33. i would make one of the windows out of meth😞😵

  34. That was a nice car they modified

  35. You don't mention about how the US government in a misguided attempt to get rid of meth actually made the problem much much worse. Yep that's the story you typically won't hear because they hate it when you prove their tactics are idiotic.

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