Fired FBI official McCabe faces possible indictment: report

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on whether former FBI official Andrew McCabe will be indicted.

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  1. WELL here we are far later – no inditement. This means that EVERYONE at justice is corrupt. There is no brave rank and file. There are cowards who will do anything for money.

  2. The democrats in congress are too busy trying to figure out who can be the craziest and tell the biggest lies..

  3. america do you hear this? wtf does it take to go to the streets to defend this country??? washington needs taken out point blank

  4. The Democratic party and all of its Affiliates are a criminal organization

  5. The Democrats are a criminal organization, based on their actions against the president and it also is treasonous, they stick with the FBI after the president tried to frame the president tried to find dirt on the president

  6. Contempt of Congress the new Red Badge of Courage. I am a Trump hater and he is the only one in the government I trust. Sad isn’t it

  7. Contempt of Congress the new Red Badge of Courage. I am a Trump hater and he is the only one in the government I trust. Sad isn’t it

  8. Contempt of Congress the new Red Badge of Courage. I am a Trump hater and he is the only one in the government I trust. Sad isn’t it

  9. Contempt of Congress the new Red Badge of Courage. I am a Trump hater and he is the only one in the government I trust. Sad isn’t it

  10. McCabe is small potatoes the American people want the Clinton’s and Biden’s behind bars anything less is BS. Drain the Swamp. Will this happen? Get serious.

  11. The American people need to know ,No one is above the law! The longer it takes , the worse it will be. I look for action not words.

  12. What are you gonna do when they come for you? Handcuffs that's what I want to see

  13. We have no Justice, we have injustice

  14. If the President pick this guy for the FBI why don't he fire this moron?.

  15. they need to start with Hillary Clingon. Indict that whorish witch

  16. Oh there's no question.
    McCabe and Comey will go down along with the lawyer who doctored the email.
    These Dems are stupid. When this impeachment goes to Senate it won't be about Trump. It will be about Biden and the corruption.
    They will unlease the kracken.
    There are some gopers in the swamp too.

  17. That weasel McCabe isn't going to take a bullet for comey

  18. Pfft. I won't hold my breath. I'm still waiting on Hillary Clinton to get charged for her lawlessness.

  19. Lou really needs to do voice overs for Adam West on Family Guy.

  20. obama brennen and comey should be indicted before mccabe. they started it all under orders from obama

  21. Send these rat democrats to military trials for treason in trying to overthrow the US government and execute them via firing squad .

  22. Blah blah blah blah,all I hear is, were wasting your money and your time….

  23. FBI Dir Wray needs to be hurled out to the curb ~~ He is a Deep State Shill…PERIOD

  24. Just looking at Naderza; He will be with Cummings, No – Name, and Epstein soon.

  25. What does Americans have to do to get our government to prosecute these people when they qre caught red-handed? Nobody should be above the law! We learn they committed crimes and yet nothing happens to them! It is outrageous!!

    If they don't prosecute those criminals Americans are going to get angrier and take matters into their own hands.

    Voting Trump–the only President trying to get these criminals prosecuted as it should be.

  26. Anyone who thinks Ray's untouched by corruption is nuts, he's up to his eyes and those that chose him knew it.

  27. disagree with the assist. fbi director. those 35,000 fbi employees were there when all this illegal crimes were transpiring.

  28. Andrew McCabe needs to be in jail. Why is this animal allowed to walk in normal human society? He needs to be in a cage.

  29. McCabe and the rest should have been indicted and jailed long ago. If these crook walk,America will have unrest like never before.

  30. I'll believe it when I see it

  31. The FBI, the Democrats, are criminals. Someone better go to prison or we will have a revolution in country. They will go now or later.

  32. All that immorality AND CRUELTY OF DEMOCRATIC SOCIALS MUST BE ALREADY ENOUGH FOR ANY TASTE OF DECENCY IN THE WORLD. Democrats, claiming to be some sorts of Christians or biblical believers are outside of any philosophical and religious stile life. There adhering to American history and heritage is below zero. They just show how much someone like them may be brainwashed, cruel in judgments and spreading whenever they open mouth hatreds divisiveness and poisoned liberal socialist utopia. Why they do not stop for the sake of justice and peace.

  33. If none of these scumbags are indicted, then these laws need to be removed from the books

  34. Re: Transparency – no tax documents from Tronald Dump. Secret meetings with Putin etc.

  35. Never heard of any of the little smelly WalMart people getting "appeal meetings" setup at taxpayer expense. Must be nice!

  36. This is the nuttiest Presidential group and leader of our country ever in history. It's the Emperor's new clothes. If you voted for him and you're embarrassed, just get over it and make things right again!

  37. all FBI directors are immune from prosecution on "professional courtesy".

  38. 🤣🤣🤣😂😊😂😂🤣😊🤣😂🤣🤣ok

  39. McCabe is a dirty, dirty,dirty 👮‍♀️ cop

  40. They need to give everyone a 60 day notice before serving a warrant👍🇺🇸the American justice system is total trash


  42. Good thing those FBI scum bags didn’t take pictures in a submarine or they WOULD be in prison !

  43. All of them take their pensions away…they took an oath and broke the contract in the worst way possible…ruin their lives like you do to millions of Americans sitting in prison cages for much smaller crimes

  44. Just talk nothing is happening to these treasonous murdering people!

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