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Firefly 2+ Hands-On: A cannabis vape competitor to the Pax 3

Firefly 2+ Hands-On: A cannabis vape competitor to the Pax 3

The Firefly 2+ is a big upgrade to the popular cannabis vaporizer. Despite retaining the same battery and form-factor as the Firefly 2, the 2+ manages better battery life, quicker charging, and comes with a feature packed app to let you fine tune your experience.

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  1. These companies are extremely high, charging what they're charging for a glorified pipe lol

  2. I wish weed in my country was that green, looks good haha

  3. I…..I'll just use my $20 pipe 😂 this is too much

  4. PAX 3 is a million times better hands down! Just saying…

  5. торчки мля! junkie

  6. 250 dollars for a glorified pipe

  7. This is not a vape, it's a goddamn bong.

  8. I use this but then also burn the flower after use lmao 😅

  9. Fuck yeah Cannabis world … 🌎 🌍 💯🙌🏻❤️✌🏻

  10. Bwahahahaha 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻❗️❗️❗️

  11. If only smoking joint is not prohibited in my country… SMH… 🙄

  12. WoooW…WooW…Slow down, maaan!

  13. Interesting and well presented. Thanks from Orlando Florida

  14. Price is high, but it looks like you would be too. I like the front see-through panel. Classy. I support seeing more smoking related things on Engadget, especially if they are more healthy oriented.

  15. This video is sponsored by weed mafia ..

  16. this video is dope~~~

  17. this is actually better than the old fashioned way lmao i just want to get high not have all the smoke everywhere

  18. $250 to smoke $20 weed 😒

  19. wtf there are potheads in engadget?

  20. Not worth it just buy a pipe.

  21. When Engadget is high on weed and gets no video ideas

  22. I’m happy with my glassblunt

  23. I'll stick to rolling papers .

  24. I dont smoke and this video will not age well.

  25. y wud u puff tht … weed smells like shit … disgusting

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