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First-Ever Medicare For All Hearing

First-Ever Medicare For All Hearing

People are dying because they can’t afford health treatment, and that needs to change. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  2. 27:30… is she even listening at all?

  3. @15:50, it really makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with Americans as a whole. WHY ARE WE EVEN FIGHTING OVER HEALTHCARE AS A RIGHT FOR ALL PEOPLE?

  4. Do you think that the majority of citizens would object to debby lasco (or most of congress) getting $174K a year and free healthcare?

  5. I remember Trump saying that the Republican Party will be the party of healthcare…..what a joke….he is trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act which will eliminate health insurance coverage for millions of Americans with preexisting conditions, but he has no alternative health plan to replace this plan…he further stated that if you want to see the Republican plan the American people would have to re-elect him…are you kidding me?…what the hell has this President been doing for the last 2 1/2 years?..and we have to wait several more years to see the plan?…this President is totally incompetent and lacks no morals….so he is going to sit on his ass while hundreds of thousands of people die because they have no health insurance?…that is criminal in the richest country in the world…there is no other country in the world that treats its citizens like this….this President is horrible

  6. An empire that overreach, rots from the inside. Why are there no rebellion?

  7. "Skin in the game " Is a great book for capitalists to understand why some areas cannot be run by the market. And for progressives to understand why sometimes regulations mean higher profits for investment.

  8. Your commercialization of this video is the real tragedy. It never fails when you are trying to make a point or play a video to back up that point that we must endure another commercial. How many do you have in this video, twenty? Your show because of it has great vacuum.

  9. How about Cars-For-All? Oooh, maybe PlayStation-For-All? Or maybe, a free trip to Smellgintina-For-All?

    Where does it stop, John Motorola?

  10. This nation needs to get it's ish together. Either the politicians need to change their tune or the people will do it for them at some point. History repeats itself and despite how advanced and civil society is, we are not beyond the possibilities for a revolution.
    We need leaders not gumps.

  11. For the record, in Canada, you have to be a legal resident to qualify for public healthcare & there is also a 3 mth waiting period before you qualify So if you have a work visa or any type of temporary status you wait 3 mths, BUT you have to pay if you don't qualify for public healthcare So why cant they do that in USA, ensure only lawful residents get public healthcare?

  12. This is where you find out, which Representatives of yours, are real (Narcissistic Psychopathic, Personalities) & which ones actually have a Conscious!

  13. I feel she really believes that there is a MAJOR crisis on the border and is scared that "free healthcare" would add to the attraction of US immigration.
    I'm not sure how true that is, or where she developed that perspective.

    It seems like facts about immigration may be more useful than healthcare figures here and I'm not sure that she, or her constituents are interested in the facts anyway. Maybe the catheter cowboy could help 😉

  14. Too bad this all falls on deaf ears.

  15. Thank you for mentioning advertising by pharmaceutical companies. That's an important reason why drugs are so expensive in this country.

  16. Someone should ask Biden how much money he's accepted from big pharma and health insurance industry.

  17. Yup. I'm Canadian and the American Health Care System is insane.

  18. I'm having trouble finding this on the member's site. Could somebody direct me to that, please?

  19. 24:00 i understand that you're just reading a message from the supporter but you just spoiled that GOT episode to people who havent watch it.

  20. I think what would help propel/sell Medicare for all to the people who dont understand it/think itd cost to much. Is if they could give a rough estimate of how much you'd pay in tax for it, so that way people could see that it would actually save money in the long run compared to the insurance your paying for and the premiums/deductibles/medication costs that come with it.

  21. The health insurance industry should have no role in the American health care system. They are prepared to fight to the death to preserve their free cut of the health care pie. Be prepared to fight back. Vote for Bernie Sanders. The other candidates are willing to compromise their position and ethics to curry favor with the insurance industry.

  22. Incidentally, I am Jamaican and healthcare is free in this country. It is not a perfect system but people do not die in emergency rooms for lack of insurance in this country as they do in America.

  23. Some figures for comparison, according to an OECD study for 2016. Health expenditure in my country, Germany, per capita was € 4,930 or $ 5,5248 =11.3% of GDP. That's more than the OECD average of € 3,500. But Germany's high expenditure can be "justified" more or less. The front runners were the US with 17.2 percent of GDP, followed by Switzerland 12.3 percent and France 11.5 percent. Turkey (4.2 percent) and Mexico (5.4 percent) had the lowest numbers. The US could save a lot of money with M4A. Despite the high expenses in the US, it costs also human lives every year and not all Americans have insurance, as is the case in Germany, for example!

  24. Voters must have access to the list of politicians who receive corporate money. We know that Progressive Democrats so far are refusing that practice because of the obvious conflict of interests. The others simply like the extra paycheck.

  25. I don't think enough Americans realize that not just the rest of the western developed countries but many others too look on in horror at America's healthcare system, it really is seen as not just immoral but disgustingly bureaucratic, wasteful and expensive. Republicans and people who call themselves Christians get outraged over abortion so the US child mortality rate for infants aged up to 5 years old must be great yet its bang last out of OECD countries at 38th best out of the UN members with poorer nations like Cuba, Lithuania, Brunei, Estonia and Malta having better results.. Its a great system if your rich or you or a loved one don't get too expensive an illness but for everyone else its terrible. The other thing i find funny is that Universal Healthcare wasn't started by a Socialist it was first started by the very Conservative German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck and its easy to make a great 'Conservative' argument for universal healthcare as it is to make one from the left. America spends double to triple what other western nations pay and for all this expense they get the most bureaucratic, expensive system there is that not only doesn't even insure everyone, it also under insures tens of millions more. For all this cost and always being told how US hospitals possess the best equipment that must mean the US tops or is close to the top in healthcare results yet we find poor almost third world countries having better healthcare outcomes on all of its people than the US does.

  26. Get a job to secure health insurance, or pay thru the nose. Corporate America, by and large, wants to keep the status quo as a leash around the necks of its workers. Sit down, do your job, and shut up. Get out of line, lose your health insurance. Result: a more subservient/docile workforce.

    Medicare for All eliminates this control.

  27. really? every other developed nation has single payer? you serious? okay i'm voting bernie, and i believe health care is a right, but i KNOW that not every other developed country has single payer. calm down man you get sloppy when you get worked up.

    edit: just so you don't have to sift through the replies:


    all of these countries have a multi payer policy with both public and private sectors involved. there's just so many misconceptions floating around.

  28. Kudos to Cenk on making CSPAN entertaining… CNN might see da light & place Cenk-talkin-head on "Panel"… what then??

  29. too early? too soon to talk 2020 Senate opportunities..??

  30. everything is cheaper under M4All, so we save money when they get emergency care. get it retard?

  31. If I entered another country illegally I would expect to be arrested or even killed (depending on the country)…I wouldn't be demanding free healthcare or free anything.
    Please DO NOT lump this thinking into a medicare for all push… it WILL lose the popular support you claim it has. I DARE you to do a poll "should illegal aliens receive free healthcare", you will see the truth.

  32. The day for free shit for health executives are coming to an end.

  33. I'd rather my tax dollars go to healthcare for "illegals" than funding more wars-for-profit to benefit a handful of rich, greedy motherfuckers.

  34. Human Antibiotics and fish antibiotics are the same thing Cenk

  35. Welcome to the dark side of Capitalism. GOP = Greed Over People

  36. 28:18 what people? her donors, big pharm, health insurance co , millionaire values. the corpdonor1%mediaelitelobby

  37. 28:15 my taxes should be used for food stamps, healthcare, homeless, poverty, infrastructure. that lady is a creep !!

  38. 28:15 I don't want my taxes to be used for regime change wars, for the US military to be used by corps in pursuit of profits, for bank and oil subsidies, for political lobbying,. my taxes should be used for food stamps, healthcare, homeless, poverty, infrastructure. that lady is a creep !!

  39. The easiest way to explain how to pay for Medicare for all: Take 1/2 of your monthly health insurance bill and put it back in your pocket. The other half will bypass the insurance company and go to the govt. what’s not to like?

  40. The other shoe is about to drop since more and more companies are cutting retiree health insurance or simply not offering it to new employees.

  41. Will never happen until and unless the Democrats agree to stop the asylum seekers by passing a bill, and stopping the illegals from protection, and cut mass immigration to a reasonable 200k per year. Then we can discuss medicare for all.

  42. BTW- trump today has filed a formal request to strike down the ACA entirely. Instead of going forward this man is dragging us backward to times insurance companies could charge more or outright deny coverage to people for “preexisting conditions.” This man is a liar and absolutely immoral

  43. Can you imagine sitting in such a hearing and arguing for people dying because they can't afford healthcare? WTF. Ideally, we'd have universal healthcare, and non citizens could travel and visit here without the fear getting sick or injured in our supposedly first world country and not being able to get care or being charged outrageous sums of money to be allowed to live.

  44. New poll out shows Biden with 39%, Sanders at 14%. Not a peep from TYT! 😄

  45. Just this week the main hospital in our town switched from being a non-profit to a for-profit hospital. They were bought out by a private company and now they own pretty much the only hospital in town, certainly the only one with OR facilities, so they are going to be able to charge whatever they want and if you don't like it you can literally just die. The only people they care about are the presidents on the bills.

  46. Blonde walruses everywhere.

  47. We should all commit to vote against any democrat who is against medicare for all. I hate Trump but we should re-elect him if Biden wins the primary.

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