Fitness Experts Debunk 17 Exercise Myths

Crunches will give you abs. Cardio is the key to weight loss. These are two of more than a dozen exercise myths that do more harm than good. Business Insider brought in three professional athletic trainers to debunk them.

Calorie Counters At The Gym Are A Lie

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Fitness Experts Debunk 17 Exercise Myths


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  1. Aight' so everything I do is wrong );

  2. 0:27 hearing that german name be butchered like that hurt man

  3. Muscle does weigh higher than fat.. Cuz this statement is made considering the volume constant

  4. I do have a couple arguments against some of the points in this video.

  5. Quote: "No days off – myth" – Tell that to Goggings, suckers

  6. Lol I don't think when people say muscle weighs more than fat, they really mean it defies math xD I think it's just a shorthand for density.

  7. Fats doesn't have cells… Its just triglycerides basically a chemical substance it doesn't have cells

  8. Who in 2020 doesn't know that body fat covers up muscle?

  9. I mean you can get away with a bad diet as long as you’re doing it right. Really it’s all the balance of nutrition. Of course it’s better to eat healthy but as long as you have your balance of carbs, fats, proteins, and not too much calories you’re fine. Crunches though with a high heart rate which is why I do 5 min abs no rest after my regular workout and 20 min of hiit before.

  10. I dont think he realizes bricks weigh more than feathers

  11. then why tf did i just spend 30 min doing crunches

  12. Muscle doesn't turn into fat but it does waste away and fat bulds up. You can clearly see it in MRI's of young people vs older people.

  13. Myths About This Video: This video is helpful to whom? Three personal trainers to tell me how to workout is insufficient information on to workout correctly. Many key factors work against this video. 1) The age of individual 2)The body type and body structure 3)Your genetics. 4) Does the video speak to, the whole world or a few million people.

  14. Well we should be specific, you can outrun a diet when you're 20. Not 30.

  15. It's fascinating how different each trainer can be. I know doing this exercise might work on some and doesn't work on some, but trainers always say things like "if you do this, this will happen" like a programing language. That is why I hadn't started training 3 months ago. It's ridiculously overwhelming and sounds scary for me as beginners to start moving my lazy ass.

  16. To expand on the last one a bit… there are absolutely bad workouts. They literally mentioned them earlier in the video, like if you over-train and don't give your body enough time to rest, or if you're not going through a full range of motion on your exercises.

  17. I think colloquially, when we say some kind of substance weights more than another kind we mean it is denser. Otherwise, the statement just doesn't make sense.

  18. have a lot of money and you wont need this.

  19. Ready for this new year lol

  20. disliked because of the annoying narrator

  21. 1) Prince Andrew doesn't sweat!
    2) Epstein didn't kill himself!

  22. About how much sea salt should you put in your water?

  23. 3:25 but bricks is heavier than feathers

  24. The narrator pisses me off. He's the reason i disliked the video

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