Fitton: Trump shouldn't be on trial, Adam Schiff should

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton discusses the FISA Court’s decision to select Obama’s Department of Justice lawyer to oversee the FBI’s abuse reforms and says the impeachment trial against President Trump is corrupt.

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  1. roberts is corrupt, always has been … and until 'smoked' always will be … 'we have work to do!"

  2. So funny how the only real fake news is what comes out of the GOP and the right. The points are soo insanly dumb, you can't impeach the chief justice. And Give me 1 real actual proven thing that Adam Shiff has done that is currupt, the right only give out lies and it has gotten much worse with Trump in office.

  3. The dems have been running their 2020 presidential campaign against the president since election 2016! Thats obstruction!

  4. Dirty Dingbosi and Stinking Schumer: Pres Trump is a late bloomer. Natty Nadler and Schithouse Twitt: go back to ambulance chasing – you're both full of it!

  5. Wow I thought POTTUS is the one that invented, developed and deployed the term CRAZY, but his guy is pretty close…..

  6. Fitton is brilliant….America should be outraged at this corrupt nonsense. The Dems keep throwing their weight around, where is the Republican backbone..

  7. We need to fire them. We can bypass congress to do so. So why can’t we just start that process right now in a vote?

  8. If we would just lock trump up this wouldn't be an issue.

  9. It is illegal for Democrats to threaten to withhold funds in order to obtain the vote they want. Who's making arrests???

  10. Schiff and Pelosi need to be arrested and sent to gitmo never to be heard from again

  11. I’m tired are they abuse President Trump he’s the best president we’ve ever had in 40 years and they’re not gonna stop until he’s out of office so how do we stop this

  12. Schiff should be tried for treason, sedition and accessory to an attempted coup!

  13. We need an independent counsel right away we need to get all these bad people rounded up and brought to court

  14. Biden and his son should be in trial because of conflict of interest when Biden was vice president. God Bless the President Mr. Trump.

  15. Robert's just doing what his obama overlord tells him to.

  16. Fox News is State TV….very much like North Korea.

  17. Fox News is State TV….very much like North Korea.

  18. Shifty shiff shud be in GETMO for abuse of power that=treasonous acts against the constitution of USA the people and the president TRUMP😃😃😃👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

  19. I see no indication that there will be any accountability.

  20. Dems gonna waste four more years chase'n Trump and not one will be held accountable.

  21. Where is the whistleblower???

  22. The better question is, why isn't he!?

  23. I'm wondering if Chief Justice Roberts Knew about this happening & DID NOTHING!!! FREE

  24. Is that what Putin wants??:-)

  25. Everyone keeps saying Adam Schiff should be in prison and Pelosi let's not forget Nadler and Obama and Clinton and Josh the list goes on this needs to end they are blatantly like he said outright basically telling the rest of us we can't touch them President Trump I beg you stop this we will all help

  26. Shitty Schiff is a SCUMBAG, just like the rest of them.
    They all need to be investigated and punished for their treasonous actions.

  27. Tom Fitton is right . SCHIFF should be on TRIAL . PENCIL NECK

  28. Dems are not in touch with reality with the country

  29. i feel that the democrats are trying to get trump out to hide their past.why else wouldn't they just wait the 4 years.there is more going on here.
    was pelosi and all these people treating trump this way in 2014.just curious

  30. name the whistleblower, it's not unconstitutiona……other whistleblowers have been named…..this one makes no difference! he poses, 'a threat to our national securtiy!;

  31. the fact that they are appointing an obama's DOJ's lawyer to be an oversight chair shows you the DUMS ARE hiding something!

  32. When it comes to the oversized 9" inch collored neck pencil boy, We find his vision to be at most weak, and highly misleading. He is FOR HIMSELF, He'll say he is FOR THE PEOPLE. A lie on a Lie. They misdirect your being. We are the People, We don't need a 'FOR'. Remember the word —-FOR.

  33. Just send the U.S Marines in, arrest these enemies of America and put them in Guantanamo. No one will protest.

  34. C/J John Roberts appointed Collyer, FISA judge who interfered w/ investigations.

  35. Schiff is nothing but another congressional butt pirate. They are everywhere in D.C…

  36. The left, they are all really Communist, in our Government.
    They are machirian candidates, arrest them immediately.

  37. Adam Schiff should be made President for LIFE.

  38. why in the hell is all this corruptness within the democratic party being allowed to happen…this is wrong on so many levels…

  39. Roberts should face execution along with Shifty

  40. Jeez Lou, let the man speak…when he’s just about to make his point and you interrupt, it’s very annoying.

  41. Shameful Democratic Socialist criminals.

  42. I really enjoyed the Bloomturd ad while waiting on this video…smh…Yeah Schitt for prison. And all the rest of the communists. Thanks. Have a great day and come again.



  45. How was don lemmons allowed to get away with calling white Trump supporters the greatest threat to America? ???
    MAGA Trump2020 👌👌🎉🥳❤

  46. From western Canada

    100% correct
    Allowing the democrats to have time to abuse and smear the President in a senate trial would be rather stupid. Irregardless of the outcome being in the presidents favour.
    Why waste that time and money . The democrats have wasted enough already.
    I also understand that the articles of impeachment do not even fit the criteria of being tried as an impeachable offence.
    So they must be thrown out.

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