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Flip Video Ultra HD review | Engadget

Flip Video Ultra HD review | Engadget

We review the new Flip Video Ultra HD 720p camcorder… using the Ultra HD.

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  1. hahaha yeah and im not gonna bother buying the nikon

  2. honestly..i don't know..i just don't know

  3. i wish i could the powershot is my dads and its off limits for me lol he hid it from me even though i've found like 3 times..he got it good this time

  4. mine never broke…it just slows pitches down by a ton not to mention it slows down running and stuff like that too …even the camera i use right now (canon digital zoom 2000x) slows pitch speed down quite a bit. but its a little better

  5. i hate this camera so much…

  6. i got one yesterday the flip ultra hd. but it said on youtube its available in 360p. And on the box it said 720p but it doesnt on mine…. ? can someone help me or something.

  7. @TheTuffChannel yes i just bought one and thts wht i use to edit mine.

  8. Selling FlipUltraHD Camcorder w/ Tripod, Pouch, MiniHDMI–HDMI Cable
    Link to the video. Make me an offer

  9. some of my backflipping videos are filmed by a flip video ultra HD its preatty great!

  10. @conewells upload it to your computer and delete it from the flip

  11. Do I have buy a new memory card once the recording time runs out. It says on mine: 5 minutes to go. What then….?

  12. i cant decide whether to get the flip hd 2 or the flip2 which one is better for the money ?

  13. mine came with a mini tripod

  14. Rsuming the review .."The camera is shit…but other than that its good"

  15. Does it have a spot on the bottom to attach to a tripod??

  16. ok i have a question and u might be the only one who could answer that for me, so i just ordered this online and i got the one on sale at walmart which is only 1 hour record time and 30 frames per seconds instead of the 60 frames yours has can u tell me what this means?

  17. lockerz sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scam complete scam i ordered like 10 shirts a flip hd camcorder and a laptop and a mouse pad and i had Z LIST and i only got the freaking mouse pad

  18. how do you get it to play sound?

  19. @iMOSKUL tell me if you find a solution

  20. @southdotvista Many regular cameras cannot zoom while recording video, have no idea why that is. Another benefit in using a video camera over a regular one (though not on the flip) is a swivel screen. If you're at a parade or concert or sports game where someone might be in front of you, it's great to be able to raise the camera over your head to shoot around any interference. Generally (though not on the flip) motion stability controls are better set for the video on video cameras.

  21. What type of editing software does it come with?

  22. my new flip has a problem the battery isn't charging…..

  23. i have a question, it might seem a bit dumb though…lets say for example you have a pocket camcorder and its records in HD 720p and you have a CAMERA thats also can record in HD 720p and the camera is 12.2 megapixel while the pocket camcorder only takes 5 megapixel stills..apart from the audio being better on the pocket camcorder, what other advantages will it have over the camera for recording?? oh and lets assume they cost roughly the same as well

  24. how much does this go for? I seen one of these at walmart but I wasn't sure if it's the exact one. it says for about 129$?

  25. @useless241 i dont think thats the guy but they do resemble

  26. not bad for uni or school

  27. @useless241 Now that you mention it, WOW… THE RESEMBLANCE!! haha

  28. @useless241 No, but he does look pretty close to the guy for Lockerz.com.

  29. This is engadget, go away Lockerz freeloading morons.

  30. @useless241 haha looks like but he is not 😀 did u get z list tshirT? i did ;p

  31. @XXGOLDENXXDRAGONXX Actually this camera comes with a program that comes with it. I do have the Flip Ultra HD Camera. and you can go to each frame and you can take snapshots with it. I have actually caught some pictures of lightning with this camera. Really good camera. i do have a mini tripod so that helps out a lot. and yes you should lookd into a usb extension cord for this so it doesn't strain the port.Good deal and compact. Good for a first video camera!

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