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Floral Street, U.K.-Based Perfume Company, Launches at Sephora: Exclusive Details

The resulting scents: Iris Goddess, London Poppy, Black Lotus, Chypre Sublime, Electric Rhubarb, Neon Rose, Wild Vanilla Orchad, Wonderland Peony, and Ylang Ylang Espresso.

Each scent has a unique origin story, like London Poppy, which was inspired by said “powerful, focused, and energetic” crowd of Londoners who bicycle to work every morning. Feeney recommends the scent, which includes orange, lemon, and cedarwood, for a day when you want to feel upbeat. In contrast, Iris Goddess, which contains lemon zest, chili pepper, peach liquid musk, and more, is more appropriate for a day when you want to feel buttoned up.

I could describe the scents in more detail, but as Epinette explains to me, words are besides the point. “Consumers are more educated than ever,” he says. “They love to read the ingredients and get familiar with names like rose and tuberose.” When you discover a lipstick or brow gel online, photos (and probably a YouTube tutorial or two) can show you almost exactly what the product will look like and how to use it. But fragrance is unique in that the more consumers learn online, the less they learn about scents IRL. “That for me is the shame of the industry. We’re talking about fragrance, we tell beautiful stories about it, but it’s almost abstract because you can’t touch it and can’t smell it.”

To change that, Floral Street’s London store has a Scent School where for 20 pounds, a trained perfume expert will walk you through a sort of wine tasting (minus the tasting part) for fragrance. As the brand makes it way to Sephora, Feeney has created a miniature version for Sephora employees to help you find your scent(s). If you can’t make it IRL, there’s also a Discovery Kit with samples of all nine scents.

The modern consumer may know less about top notes and eau du parfum than we do about contouring, but one thing everyone can do is check in with their emotions. Are you feeling like a Goddess, like you need some Espresso, or like you’re ready for a vacation to Wonderland? Head to your local Sephora — or express yourself in the most modern way of all, by shopping online — starting on August 13.

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