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Follow Me Around the Maldives – a daily vlog set in paradise! Filmed at Conrad Rangali Island
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  1. I love crispy duck, too!! LOL 😀 Yes I really enjoyed this vlog – that beach villa was stunning! Glad you enjoyed that bathroom! <3 Jeanne-Marie

  2. The filter in this video is a little bit wierd,but i enjoyed it a lot. Btw, if you like the crispy Peking duck, I highly recommend you try it in Beijing if you go to China. It is gorgeous!

  3. I love the filter you used in his video! makes it look vintage an older film

  4. Hi Josie, as a rule what meals do you get included when you go to the Maldives? I want to go for my honeymoon and usually when I go on holiday I go for all inclusive, but I'd like to stay in one of the water bungalows which I assume is self catering?

  5. love your bikini, so beautiful <3

  6. With the bandana wrap I always do knot on top them tuck the end tails under the sides of that makes sense?

  7. Wow how lovely… I'm having a catch up of a weeks worth of vlogs as was on holiday too

  8. I have to agree I didn’t enjoy the filter, on this, we didn’t get to see the true colours 🙁

  9. I absolutely adore your videos <3

  10. This filter 🤦🏼‍♀️ 😒

  11. I did not like that the filter was added to the hole video!

  12. Hi Josie! Reallu enjoyed your travel vlogs ☺ Also re suggestions of videos, would you be able to do one on how you look after your clothings? I used to wear black alot but now my wardrobe colour palette is similar to yours. When one has white, blush and beige, and delicate knitwear, I found looking after them becomes even more important than my previous black wardrobe. Things Im experiencing is colour transfer (i wear blue jeans alot), stain on collar from sunscreen and foundation, around wrists area cos i work in office with papers, pens, ink etc. Also with soft knits, sometimes normal clothe hangers give the shoulder a funny shape. Do u use tgose anti-slip hangers? Sorry if this suggestion sound silly 😛 Thaaaaaanks!


  14. You should definitely eat some real Belgian waffles in Belgium sometimes ☺️😋 and that in the most beautiful belgian town BRUGES 🙊

  15. Hello Josie ! Thank you for your goods advices for summer products. Charlie and you are very lucky !!! Enjoy Beautiful friends ! NB : Very, very good job !!! Amazing, Josie !!!

  16. Josie I love your content and this vlog is no different but in my opinion the filters you've applied really ruin this one, especially with the natural beauty of the maldives and yourself not needing one! Obviously this is just my opinion but I hope it helps with any feedback for further videos :)x

  17. I can't appreciate the beauty of the beach, the true color because of the treatment of your vlog…

  18. yes, i fail on some instagram styling.. sometimes I feel bored and do styles that never someone style it before and it looks so pretty but if i try it again it will never look pretty like how the first time was 🙁

  19. Loved this video. You looked beautiful. Not trying to self promote, but I wrote a chick lit book called Falling For You, it’s not available on audible yet, but it’s available through kindle and paperback in case you want to check it out while you’re flying. Coincidentally, I also wrote a nonfiction book based on the principles in the Secret. Here’s the link for the chick lit book 😊 for your convenience 🙌🏻

  20. Could u make a video on occasion dresses please xxx

  21. I have both of Jessica Sepel’s cookbooks. Highly recommend them 🙂 xxx

  22. Hi great video I am getting married myself next year
    & I would love it if you could do some more wedding content as I love watching your videos & we have similar style plus I can only really find videos from America so English ones would be amazing so I could go to the shops talk about x

  23. Don't like the filter, too much… make it more natural.

  24. Really fab. So enjoy the hotel room tours!

  25. Love your videos! So glad you enjoyed your time 🙂

  26. The views though 😍😍😍😍😍😭😭

  27. Love u so much. U made me laugh when u we’re getting your head scarf on. Xxxxxx

  28. josie you're such a kind and beautifull person.i am from morocco and i LOVE YOU and LOVE your chic an clean style ..just dont stop doing this

  29. couldn't continue watching because of that filter…you're more beautifull without

  30. Beautiful video, i loved it !! 💕👏🌸

  31. Hate the edits 👎🏻 natural colour would have been better

  32. Love your vlogs Josie… I think this one has a bit too much filter tho 🙁

  33. You make beach clothes look classy such a queen.

  34. Where is your scarf from that you have tied around your bag? I didn't see it on LTK app. thanks.

  35. Love Sophie kinsella though I like to be absorbed in a book. I find that my me time

  36. It all looks so beautiful. The filters on the video though kind of take away from the stunning natural colours of the sea and beach.

  37. Its a beautiful dress! Gosh I wonder if South Africa has a River Island store! Enjoy your holiday!

  38. Thank you for sharing beautiful views of such amazing location! Xoxo!

  39. Why do most youtubers feel the need to get naked on their channels now

  40. Weren’t you just in the Maldives a few months ago? I’m so jealous 🙂 !

  41. What beautiful vaca my lovlies but what a shame you can't really enjoy it or really RELISH anything about it as you're always filming. Charlie has to film his lovely tuna meal rather than enjoy it? What a shame! This is such a down side of being a YT blogger, sad really, you may enjoy the money, but you're missing out on life really. PS: I adore Charlie's commentary! He is so smart! fun and love his recommendations! YES, I recommend reading the trilogy about Marie Antoinette by Juliet Grey, You'll love it, the first one is called "Becoming Marie Antoinette", you'll adore it as I did. Another great escape and fun novel is called, "The Beach House", by Jane Green. A set of characters rent a beach house for the summer, it's splendid. Also for Charlie, is a great website called Sartorial Talks by Hugo Jacomet. Splendid. Let me know if you find any of these super!

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