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Food Security in an Insecure World | Future of Food

Food Security in an Insecure World | Future of Food

Feeding a growing global population is a challenge that spans industries and governments. A panel discusses how research, technology, policy, and engagement with local farmers could help build a comprehensive strategy for improving our food system.
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Terry Garcia – Chief Science & Exploration Officer, National Geographic Society

Dan Glickman – Co-Chair, AGree
Tjada D’Oyen McKenna – Feed the Future, USAID
Danielle Nierenberg – Co-Founder and President, Food Tank
Jack Sinclair – Executive Vice President, Walmart U.S.

At National Geographic’s Future of Food forum on May 2, 2014, leading experts gathered to discuss how we can feed a global population set to top nine billion by 2050.

Click here for National Geographic’s eight-month series on the future of food:

Food Security in an Insecure World | Future of Food

National Geographic

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  1. I support that politics related to food directly affects the politic related to health
    and what we digest gonna is obviously affect the health.

  2. Slow down populations , problem fixed , economists might disagree but they are only concerned with money . I live in Australia where these kind of people are getting us to take on so many immigrants – in one of the driest countries in the world – its unsustainable . Sustainability should be priority .I now support small farms .

  3. Suggest me measuring parameters or survey of food security only for BPL people

  4. no to greedy corporations.

  5. This is unbelievable someone working for US government like Dan Glickman he is totally retarded. He said " when global warming hits US will buy more food from other countries"? No wonder scientists non stop destroying the nature because people like Dan working for US government, this guys tempering with nature without of even knowing where is going to take the mess they are creating. This planet has enough fertile land to feed 20 billion people, however it doesn't mean US still will to do business as usual just for them nothing for others policies, than calling rest of humanity useless eaters few parasites the ones sucking the blood out of humanity, making decisions who have the right to live and who deserve to die. Creating meaningless wars just to take innocent life's because they disagree with their way of doing business. If photons pick up the heat strength again out of sudden people will understand, what is falling from the sky is going to destroy them. Imagine photons coming down like rain from sky but lot smaller than rain droplets and lot denser than rain droplets, they are about size of atoms, temperature on the surface of the earth depends on this photons if they don't reach all the way to the ground earth never will heat up, just like the mountain tops. All the difference makes heat density of the photons, if photons are extremely hot deeper they will penetrate into top soil more it will radiate back into the space, less density heat they have less heat will radiate back to space, even though atmosphere rob so much of it before photons reach to the surface.

  6. How is whether Global Warming is real or not, still even a question!?

  7. This was an remarkably ineffective forum. Dan Glickman and Danielle Nirenberg are the only two who provided any hands on information, and the rest of the discussion was in lofty abstracts that those in the World Bank or Monsanto speak in… Abstract, vague goals, cellphones to improve food sovereignty? Empowering women with more education? absolutely, but doing this through the conventional manner of food aid and fertilizer subsides? How does that help the collapsing of our river and ocean systems that billions depend on due to fertilizer runoff?
    And I'm sorry, but how do the panelists keep a straight face when Wal-Mart's rep is tooting the horn that Wal Mart is helping small farmers and businesses? Scottish irony I suppose

  8. everybody responsible about inviromaent

  9. all farmers in our country they haven't any respect by goverment

  10. it's not solve by make conversation it's solve by worked hard

  11. The answer to global food security is giving everyone cell phones? How far has society abstracted food as a market commodity from the real world? The only two who have anything substantial to say are the women panelists, and between the two the one with world travels and ground level experience has the most pertinent thoughts.

  12. hey all, the very best success that I have ever had was with Adams fat code (i found it on google). Definitely the most workable diet that I have tried.

  13. world wide disorder when it comes to food. those who lack food tend to swarm in and use violence to obtain it, why all this silent…on food

  14. The answer to feeding everyone and how to do it, depends on what paradigm you believe in.

  15. Dont even want to hear it, one of them work with Monsanto and Walmart makes profit from food, why listen to them..most of them are untrustworthy fuck

  16. It is a very important world problem, and it need all of countries to work hard

  17. They are just talking heads; they contradict themselves all the time' very concerned with how important they are, but most of all state the obvious as to the problems with a fairy wish list of solutions.

  18. hey USA! Do you realise that the whole world hate you ???

    Great video by the way, here is another way of helping planet earth from over exhaustion…. STOP HAVING MANY CHILDERN! I myself don't have any and I'm not planning to… I admire with couples who have got 1 child and can provide her/him with food, education and care, it's just harder to do these things righteously if there are many of your copies in this life.

  20. Aquaponics is a food revolution in the making.  It is a closed water system – there is very little water needed to produce crops and animal protein – that rears fish in a tank in the lower part of the system and the fish produce waste product that supplies organic fertilization for vegetable crops in the upper levels.  This system provides the opportunity to sunny arid water restricted climates like Africa to produce vegetables and animal protein in very productive farm where they were not able to do before.  It also provides the opportunity for developed nations to provide sustainable local food production varying from home production to commercial supply.  

  21. Emulate China's one child policy, until real decline of population is achieved. It may take 50 years.

  22. Watched in 2X speed. Still feel my time wasted. 

  23. Take a really close look at supercycles, and the Elliott Wave Principle. We learn by trial and error, again and again, but we are maintaining more steps forward than we take backwards. Human history is filled with huge setbacks that end up resulting in huge leaps in mousetrap engineering! This is a great time to be alive, we are potentially going to inhabit the cosmos! We have to face these challenges with exponential advancement, we have only had airplanes for a little over a century! The real challenge is keeping the setting of our future agendas somewhat democratic, corporations and bankers and politicians have to be tempered, possibly in increasingly exponential ways by society as a whole, Try and develop knowledge of what 'antifragility' is in nature, and how we as humans need to integrate more of it into our abilities to deal with cycles and supercycles, that we really can't live without, but we will survive if we continue to evolve in our reactions to them!  

  24. "Insecure World", "Food Security",???


  26. Around 22:20 the gentleman starts talking about the need to offer affordable food of high quality, and how price shouldn't be what determines if one makes the choice to eat healthy or unhealthy. My question is: How can a not so well educated person with a low lifestyle and low criteria for satisfaction and happiness have the knowledge and awareness when it comes to making informed choices? How can the above-mentioned individual know what the difference between high-sodium and low-sodium soup is, and how significant it is?!? What about all the marketing catchy phrases on the pretty cute boxes full of poison? What percentage of the population know what those labels mean and what all chemicals included in the ingredient list mean?? "Cholesterol free", "Healthy for the heart", "Sugar free", "Gluten free", "Fat free", "Natural" .. this is what the average buyer pays attention to: all the useless words made up by the marketing department to make the box more appealing. The sad part is that the stores that sell these poisonous products are completely aware of it; the agencies that set the restrictions for what is allowed to go in the food people consume are aware of it; everybody who is capable of making an educated and informed choice makes the choice to allow, market, and sell food I wouldn't want to give to my pet but, unfortunately, like millions of other people, I am forced to consume it due to it being cheaper. A small box of blueberries at Giant Eagle is about $4 in Ohio. Most people make around $9-10 an hour. You do the math. What's bad is, this is not even the organic version! So instead of buying those blueberries, people will just go get a doughnut for 80 cents and move on. At the end of the day all the unsold and spoiled blueberries will be thrown away. But what matters here is profit, right? However, WalMart is significantly cheaper, so I give them that.

    As to GMOs, the theory that people should be given the opportunity to choose between organic and GMO is so absurd to me. Do you even know how many people don't know what GMO means?? On top of that, who would pay premium for organic produce when there are cheaper options in front of you? Even if I want to avoid GMO how am I going to do so when THE PRODUCERS OF GMO ARE NOT REQUIRED TO ANNOUNCE THIS ON THE PACKAGING?!?!? If you don't know what the side effects of GMOs are, simply read this article: http://www.responsibletechnology.org/10-Reasons-to-Avoid-GMOs I can't believe that so experienced people with so many pompous titles and what not could actually support and tolerate the idea of GMOs!!! Very disappointed! GMOs could cause abnormalities, organ damages, and so on. So I guess we should not try to control the population growth, but instead, encourage and support it, regardless of the fact that people are going to look like cartoon characters in the near future!

    To conclude, listening to the answers of these important people whose decisions really could make a change only made me feel more desperate about the situation we're in. Yes, they can speak articulately and persuasively, know how to combine big words in phrases and sentences, but I don't see how that could contribute to anything. There was absolutely no passion or care whatsoever. Probably the only positive thing I heard was that WalMart are trying to have the same price for organic and non-organic. Can't wait to see that!

  27. Why don't we focus on ways of encouraging people from every nation to have less children? It makes absolutely no sense, in fact, I'd say it's borderline insanity to actively encourage population explosions whereby everyone born in to this world becomes a person that expects a home, a car and the the 'must-have' accessory of the fleeting moment. It's just not possible. What we need is less people but of better quality in regards to education, morality and understanding. Consumerism will be the undoing of mankind.

  28. Why do you want more people in the world? If you provide more food there will be more people, and the problem just gets pushed into the near future. Time to reread Rev. Thomas Malthus.

  29. What I hear lots of ball shit talk no real solution, do you what to feed the world, educate people is so simple. 70% of the world people doesn't have basic education, even here in US some country side or gang infested areas people they have only elementary education. Stop the global warming cycle now, not 20 years from today when it will be too late. Global warming will destroy all the hope to grow any food very soon. You don't fucking understand each increase of CO2 in PPM it will destroy all good bacteria in the soil, things can change very rapid when we reach to the peak.  

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