Former FBI agent on Comey: People who break the law must be held accountable

Former FBI special agent John Iannarelli discusses the FISA court, the Steele dossier and former FBI director James Comey.

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  1. None of these tyrannical criminals will face any actual justice! If anyone faces justice, it'll be some unknown pawn who thrown under the bus!
    Democrats believe only THEY are morally ENTITLED to set policy & rule over the masses & when THEY break laws & act immorally, they did it for the RIGHT reasons!

  2. Oooh that means the Biden's and Clintons also right? Wait…no? Why not? They are allowed to break the law?

  3. Comey will soon have that smile wiped off his face. So often crooks keep digging a deeper hole for themselves. History will not be kind to this man.

  4. The roots of corruption we see today, were planted when the dems were in the White House. From obama down, even into the regional government posts, America is rotten with people busy using politics for their own ends.

  5. why is it that liberals refuse to follow the Constitution?

  6. This all started with General Flynn who was against the Iran billions program.

  7. When it rains it pours comey you were one busy dude at not protecting America's Constitution

  8. No the media hasnt been duped. This is what dem media has done for decades. There is zero excuse for the partisan lieing that the media voluntarily perpetrated on the American People. Dont make excuses fornthese propaganda machines called.CNN MSNBC AND ABC along with NY Times and other newspapers. The media is NOT a victim here. You can't get ahead of 3 years worth of lies and try to come out of it a victim. These are investigative journalists who chose to lie and to hide stories that dont fit their propaganda narratives.


    *erases more emails:

    *erases Bernie's emails
    *erases Obama's emails
    *erases everyone's emails


  11. Finally coming OUT TRUTH will set you FREE!

  12. It'd be great if our Justice system work the way it should but for t he Upper Crust ofpeople they can do what they want and get away with it that ain't going to change that's our government for you so as much as we'd like to see Hillary Comey and a handful of others locked up it's never going to happen it's sad but it's true

  13. Comey / Flynn. How is this ok?

  14. Rat Comey should have all assets seized and life in prison or hanged for treason and sedition among many other felonies🗳🐁

  15. There is NO justice for the elites. They'll just keep taking OUR money for their families and that's it. They ARE above the law. FACT people.

  16. I remember when Trump called Comey a leaker shortly after he fired him back in 2017, and the media all rushed to defend Comey and said he never leaked. Well it indeed turns out Comey was a leaker

  17. Comey will be indicted when Elvis comes paddling by my house in a thong Speedo singing verses of the Bible to the tune of Rawhide. And I don't even live by the water. Epstein did NOT off himself either or also.

  18. Comey will be indicted when Elvis comes paddling by my house in a thong Speedo singing verses of the Bible to the tune of Rawhide. And I don't even live by the water. Epstein did NOT off himself either or also.

  19. Unless of course you're an illegal alien who apparently are above the laws.

  20. Comey Howdy Doody is looking for you he's an adult now.

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