Former GOP Rep. Issa announces run for Congress

Former Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) on Joe Biden reportedly weighing a new Wall Street tax and Democratic wealth tax plans. #FoxBusiness

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  1. You mean there is something wrong will stealing money from those who earn it just because they are wealthy?
    Apparently, thinking things through to their ultimate conclusion is just too hard.
    Or, is it that this country is full of criminals who see it is easier to steal money that to earn it?

  2. A great Conservative running for office in California is Sean Feucht. Certainly NOT your average Conservative lol, but he believes in the Constitution and loves his district in Cali. Check him out on Twitter @SeanFeucht.

  3. Issa's going to have to do away with Reagan's assumption that Liberals aren't stupid. They now are, and they're rabid. The average person's income in the middle bracket, which is now up to $65,000, will be taken down to $29,000 under a Socialist regime. Who votes for that? Not me. But millions of Liberals will, which makes them STUPID in my eyes.

  4. Issa is a proper man.

  5. The Dems want to implement a society of the leadership is royalty and the millions of people as peons. Hello Communism!

  6. Anyone but a democrat will do.

  7. If they used all that tax money for something positive, maybe I would consider it. But they don't. They throw money around like it's not theirs…oh

  8. Did that goon just say the wealth tax, which kicks in at 10 million dollar, would effect lower income households?

  9. Behind bars……That's where genuine patriots want bone-spur Donny

  10. Trump needs to find out what happened in China with Biden and his son, looks like Biden sold out the US for personal gain, as well as tampering in Ukraine. We all know the real story behind democrats hate for Trump, it is all about the money, he is exposing them to Americans for what they are.

  11. Issa is the epitome of a swamp creature. Sad.

  12. Look up Issa…
    1) Arrested for stealing a car.
    2) Creates a anti auto-theft device.
    3) Burns down the factory – insurance fraud.

  13. YES, EXCELLENT. He was a terrific Representative. I hope California will stand behind him and vote for him.

  14. Yessssssss!!!! I'll never ever in all my life ever forget the way he mopped the floor with Lois Lerner. One of my heroes!! I'll make a donation!

  15. Republicans in California are as rare as an hour in which Trump doesn't lie.


  17. Is Issa coming back for real as the title reads? We need him back badly!

  18. Issa has my vote. Every republican has got my vote. Battle for the Country of the USA has begun!

  19. We need more Republican for house 2020,

  20. Beat off O FART is campaigning on Buffing his balls !!!!

  21. Hope he runs and takes out some stupid democrat

  22. Is anyone gonna stop Adam schiff from lying and smearing the president ?

  23. Title doesn't match the content, thumbs down.

  24. A Republican House and Senate under President Trump's leadership will do so much good for tens of millions of hard working Americans. C'mon people, get out and vote these hateful democrats out of office.

  25. 2020 is about who Gets Out The Vote, not just for President. Does anyone believe Biden is going to last? The Ukraine hoax is a double-edged sword that directly attacked Trump but cut Biden's hopes of being the nominee.

    Clearly Hunter Biden is getting millions because his dad had the VP role & connections. Biden openly bragged about threats to fire a prosecuter in 6 hours or lose $1,000,000,000…a billion.

    Meanwhile, Trump asks for information about corruption, which cannot help but be political.

    Trump will likely get reelected but without the House & Senate get little done. If Trump loses the House & Senate the Dems will undo the election & the First & Second Amendment and screw the courts leftward.

    2020 is high stakes.
    Whomever Gets the Vote Out wins.

  26. It should be taxed on everything/every word that the Dems and Libs lied to Americans! For example, a tax of $100K for every lie they made. This will stop them lying immediately! This will be applied for government officials, members of Congress and judges in courts of all levels!

  27. Ummm, color me stupid – doesn't California have a embassy in Russia? Well if that isn't treason I don't know what is.

  28. Mr. Issa , you're much needed!! Thank you!!! Reminder: 75% of evangelicals didn't vote in 2018……..get the word out. Money and power is what the dirty Dims want!!!

  29. California needs to vote for republicans, democrats have destroyed California!

  30. Like all Socialist they believe it will work if they are the dictator implementing. These people aren't smart their morons with degrees and God complexes 😒

  31. Give us our UBI i know the citizens tired of this mf. !

  32. They came as ponzi schemers….and Russian roulette jump in jump out unearned worth.

    New companiescdestroyed by unsold game playing ponzi scheming actions. Now tax to peddle their criminality. Musk, zuck, weinberg

  33. I wondered what happened to him.

  34. Why he left in the first place

  35. Go California, come back to your senses! NY needs to follow suit!

  36. Love. Issa . He was great and hope he wins.

  37. YESSSSS!!! ISSA —RUN FOR CONGRESS!!!! We miss your level-headedness and clarity and honesty!! TRUMP TEAM!!!

  38. Glad to hear Darrell is running again for Congress

  39. Good luck to Darrell Issa, I was disappointed when you didn't run for re-election and would be happy to see you back. I am not from California but California certainly needs some representation that isn't Socialist.

  40. Democrats aren't stupid, they just know stuff that is not true; they believe a lie.

  41. Mr. Issa I wish you the Best Of Luck, to Regain your seat in the California election .. The Conservative Republican Party, wants You Back where you belong .. 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉 …

  42. Reject them all ! Leave it alone !

  43. My President says leave it alone cracked Biden !

  44. Pot for everybody !!!!!!!

  45. It is not something our generation has to learn. It is something Millenials have to learn.

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