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Former Trump official says the president should cancel China trade deal

Former Trump State Department Senior Adviser Christian Whiton says President Trump should scrap the phase one trade deal with China.

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  1. By corruption in China, a deputy governor got US $ 38.3 billion , gold in 13 tons, a mayor US $ 12.8 billion, the mayor of a town was ten times richer than the German Chancellor and the British Prime Minister by corruption! The people were blackmailed and left in extreme poverty!

  2. Trump is doing a fantastic job of standing up to those who have known defiance and evil. God bless Trump! Trump 2020

  3. Whiton should take over White House and make US consumers happy.

  4. Why are we dealing with the enemy? Send them back to the dark ages. All they are good for is stealing our jobs.

  5. The United States should fight all the disobedient countries in the world

  6. Go grab a chinese sausage. Shove it up your stupid white butt hole and all the way out your filthy mouth.

  7. CCP just successfully postpone the tariff again! Can Trump see it? He’s been fooled so many times, still don’t learn?

  8. How short is this guy on the market?

  9. Trump, I think this is a good idea!! China has really screwed the USA for a long time now and they are blatantly steeling from us due to the Obama Administration!! We don't need them remove China from the trade deal and move forward with the Japan deal.
    Continue with the Tariffs that you currently have on them. Remember they need you but you don't need them!!

  10. raise tariffs and start warming up our nuclear arsenal

  11. There is no deal. Is just bull Sh**t.
    Cancel bull.

  12. Same bull since 2017 , phase 1. 2018 phase 12019 phase bull sh***t again.
    China will not deal until all the tariffs are rolled back.

  13. Psalms 55:20-21
    [20]He hath put forth his hands against such as be at peace with him: he hath broken his covenant.

    [21]The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords.


  14. I agree with him!
    Keep the tariff until he sees that China is following through with the deal.
    Just like he did with Ukraine; withhold the military aid until he knows for sure about the sincerity of them extinguishing corruption.


  16. Yes. No deal with China. After all, you have billion n billion n billion n billion coming in. Lol.

  17. Ghosts cities not really they move out people to rebuild they builds

  18. Ghost cities lol China is expanding this is why the making islands and move they company to a different places is nothing new problems in China is to space this is why it was a law of how kids can you have

  19. Yes you super if China ask for they money can you pay them back. Why we own money to China lol tell you how people look when they talk nonsense bravo 👏

  20. stupid president rouge president usa bankrup

  21. Bullshits news Asia also hve pigs

  22. These Americans are so stupid that they are bound to lose whichever way they take.

  23. China needs America…America needs China..😇

  24. XI’S Never Ending Smile……
    Can Not Be For Being A Really Good Man!

    Has Got To Be Hiding Much, Much Corruption… No Doubts!

  25. China will not follow any sort of deal that gets in the way of their expanding their communistic agenda

  26. Commie Trump fans Unamerican to the bone.

  27. Strongly agree with the guest.

  28. President is doing great. Those who suggest to cancel trade deal is to not let the economy growth out of this to strengthen his base for election.

  29. Hope china cancel the trade deal. No more trade deal with US

  30. I agree, because China will never stop stealing intellectual property. America needs to cut all business with China.


  32. Mr. President Donald Trump please continue the trade war with Communist China until their economy collapse.

  33. Is this why he becomes "former" official?

  34. A Deal is a Deal if it is signed.

  35. Nothing to scrap. It's not signed yet. The Chinese didnt announce any deal. Uncle Sam side is the one announcing and postponement of the Phase 1

  36. its crazy, how many 'experts' are on the WEB… No wonder, thanks GOD, this guy is no longer working for POTUS! The deal is NOT for China, but for the Chinese and American economy (people)!

  37. Forgive me, but NO so-called "EXPERTS" interviewed who THINK they know better than President Trump, and who aren't directly connected to President Trump in these negotiaions, can EVER know BETTER than the Master Deal Maker himself as to "WHY" and WHEN he makes the moves he makes. GOOD FAITH moves are part of negotiating and CHINA manipulates "FUTURES" markets every single day with early-bird negative talk PROVEN to effect the Futures market. Don't buy it. TRUMP is in control thank God.

  38. For what it's worth, I agree. Let China collapse

  39. I don't think Trump needs them to tell him what to do….go away

  40. We should encourage our companies to come back or at least leave China. China needs us more then we need them. All they do in manufacture what we tell them to make they don't ever come up with new ideas on their own. Hell they copy our vehicles. Move operations to Vietnam.

  41. Trump 's gonna cut existing tariffs to get a deal. China won big.

  42. Time is here America I trust you know what to do, An old enemy will always remain the same heart.

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