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Fortnite gets a destructive new update | Engadget Today

Fortnite gets a destructive new update | Engadget Today

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  1. Subbing back to anyone who subs to me (reply back when done)

  2. why does the govt not tell us about
    civilizations before Christ

  3. some of the most famous places have been destroyed??
    rip tilted towers

  4. Loving the new updates!

  5. Im doing a fortnite battle pass giveaway if anyone is interested in trying to get it

  6. PUBG is better you twats!!

  7. i like the new fortnite skin

  8. I can't buy the battle pass😑 Apple store says my card got declined but it's perfectly fine😂🤔

  9. Why is this hoprock here? Seems very unbalanced.

  10. I ate cereal this morning

  11. WE WERE SO DUMB! tilted is now unpopular YES well sorta were so dumb tilted is not ded but dusty is

  12. Great video I love your content!

  13. its roi purdy not orange shirt kid

  14. When they gone put the Dab" Emote

  15. that emote looks amazing, now let's see how well it could dodge bullets

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