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Fox And Friends In Trouble For Fake News

Fox And Friends In Trouble For Fake News


Fox And Friends employees are being disciplined by their network. Cenk Uygur and Brooke Thomas, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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“NEW YORK — Fox News Channel said Tuesday that it is disciplining employees involved in an email exchange with an aide to President Trump’s former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt to craft a “Fox & Friends” interview with the environmental chief last year.

The emails showed one of Pruitt’s aides suggesting the interview, passing along “talking points” and given the chance by a Fox producer to approve a script written to introduce Pruitt.

The messages were uncovered through a Freedom of Information Act request by the Sierra Club and first reported by The Daily Beast. It’s another example of closeness between Fox News and the Trump administration, where the president’s communications director is a former Fox executive. Fox’s most popular personality, Sean Hannity, appeared onstage at a Trump rally shortly before the midterm election.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas


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  1. Brooke Thomas is a beast!

  2. Fox News takes this seriously and is handling it internally. Just as they handled the Hannity matter internally,

  3. I'm confused what's going on?

  4. The Trump swamp is only getting bigger and more toxic.

  5. So says the joseph goebbels of the loony leftist fascist socialist progressive snowflake movement.

  6. The "F" in FOX NEWS stands for FAKE NEWS ! These people are all talking heads. What an excuse for news !🇺🇸

  7. Were they real journalists? I thought they ran the country 🙈🙉🙊😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Much like when Donna Brazile gave Hillary campaign questions that were going to be asked beforehand to prepare her perfect answer(s)..LOL and what did the Obama admin do when Michigan's low income area drinking water was accidentally poisoned? Zero.

  9. Some of those 1300+ Superfund sites have been around since the Carter administration. Superfund site cleanup is extremely expensive and time consuming. If you want to blame someone, blame Congress who have been underfunding the Superfund program for the last 25 years.

  10. comon they tried to release doctored video last week… next week well start seeing posters pop up with trump wearing a swastika arm band…if it keeps him outta prison…

  11. It’s kinda like TYT who deletes comments and changes the like ratio. So cowardly

  12. CNN has been doing this forever

  13. Fake news, scripted interview

  14. Boy thanks really RICH, the tyt kiddies calling Fox new fale, hahahaha!

  15. I will have to unsubscribe to this b/s. It’s fools hiding fools that will destroy us all

  16. They live , that's fox news, controled by or what the the whitehouse and rnc daily talking points is for that day, sad , sad , sad , situation

  17. Time for Mr. Murdoch to put his foot on someone’s neck.

  18. 1500 to 0. What a complete shutout with likes!!!

  19. They shouldn't even be allowed to call it Fox News. They shouldn't be allowed to use the word, News. Just their use of the word is a lie and an abuse that misleads. In legalese, their use of the word perpetuates fraud.

  20. I have absolutely no problem seeing Brooke lead off the segment. Quite pleasant actually.

  21. Get these crooks off the air

  22. Lol, trump and his zombie cult has to manufacture "greatness" for trump to compare to Obama and still FAIL! WHY ARE WHITES OBSESSED WITH OBAMA? Because they don't want the world to know how great he is!

  23. Cenk "theres two parts to this story" uyger

  24. Fox News isn't even a legitimate news channel. They are registered as an entertainment channel.

  25. So the head of the EPA is trying to get funding to clean up toxic waste cites and you TYtards are angry ?? LMAO….

  26. Lol it be your own news 🤣

  27. the fact that they are alowed to cal themselves news is madnes.

  28. can you say banana republic?

  29. I'm very surprised that shep Smith is still working for fox. He is an honest man and gay. I thought conservatives hated gay people. Two of CNN leaf guys are gay and they don't care. Just asking.

  30. Fox news our state runned media. Kind of. Their powers that be made the decision to ride trumps coat tail.

  31. White supremacy news. Fox is disgusting and the people who work for them are horrible nasty evil people.

  32. Fox news has probably been doing this for years and this time they left a trail of e-mails to be discovered. Fox news viewers are the most uninformed because of Fox news coordination with Republican White houses. They were coordinating with the Bush White House for there agendas as well. This is not new just sloppy.

  33. As far as state propaganda networks go, Fox news rivals the best of the worst including Russia, China, and North Korea

  34. Once again, insert Obama ‘s name to reinforce the con job,.. otherwise the minions will begin to “ think”

  35. Fox News is to news as WWE is to wrestling. The difference is WWE is honest that they are just acting and for entertainment, while Fox News still is pretending they are real news.

  36. Looking at the picture for this video, all three look like they are on some strong meds and feel nothing.

  37. What else is new, FAKE FOX NEWS and Friends!  This FAUX NEWS cable fake news is toxic!!

  38. Ummmm those toxic dump sites were there even before Bill Clinton was president, but surely its still Obama's fault……… surely. Meanwhile Trump removed restrictions of manufacturing corporations so now they can pretty much dump their waste anywhere but Trump sheep are silent about it. But yet the same parroted bs excuse is "the children the children, restrictions means less tax money for the children's future" well I got news for you if "the children" are playing in toxic playgrounds and drinking contaminated water they're not going to have much of a future.

  39. Trump/Fox News trying to manufacture "news"? Really doesn't surprise me. Not that they are really a news channel anyways. Entertainment news.

    President Bone Spurs sure is providing leadership… right into the gutter. Like all of his other businesses.

  40. This girl sucks I can't watch it

  41. If republicans and their policies are so great why do they have to lie about everything?

  42. Fox has a black liberal on their panel. How many conservatives do you employ, TYT?

  43. Shitty hole state propaganda channel foxland

  44. Fox and freinds has now been renamed 2 Idiots and a Tool.

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