Fox Business Alert: Dow hits 29K for the first time ever

The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed above 29,000 for the first time despite the December jobs report falling short of expectations. All three of the major averages were trading in record territory.

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  1. 8 people so far don't like those numbers. Must be foreigners.

  2. It's the economy stupid!!….TRUMP 2020

  3. I really found the quote immediately before this part in the interview when Larry Kudlow was tasked if this economy was only making the rich richer he said that in the last 3 years the bottom 50% of earners had a 47% increase on average in their networth as opposed to the top 1% networth increased by by just 13%.

  4. The down votes are from the people who didn't invest early enough! Lol!!

  5. 1929 Ring a bell…Hopefully this isnt election ploy to shame Prez Trump then communist coup by E.U Cartel Liberal.Socialist Democraps…I would like to.see this movement crushed and God reinstituted and all to have a hopeful future..

  6. That President Obama Recovery from the Second Great Republican Depression keeps surging forward, not even Maga Maggot has been able to stop it.
    America needs a LEGITIMATE president, not the lying orange maggot.

  7. Stock buy backs due to tax cuts. Great work.

  8. Don't get lazy out there guys make sure you vote Republican all the way down the list please don't be lazy and not go out and vote don't think that we got this in the bag it doesn't matter vote anyways as if your lives depended on it

  9. Why would you vote for anybody else? Lol

  10. Wow! I am so glad Obama got everything straightened out before Trump took over … lol

  11. Creating jobs and Record low unemployment rate is an Impeachable offense, Mr. President!

  12. Did you hear the words kud said when it turned
    I Believe
    It happened twice

  13. Flirting with 29000 and still losing to Obama. Sad.
    Total stock market days: 748
    Data Last Updated: 2020-01-10
    Cumulative Performance

    Trump Obama Difference
    S&P 500 +44% +59% +14% Obama
    NASDAQ +65% +86% +20% Obama
    Dow Jones +45% +55% +10% Obama

  14. Some how this is racist to the Far Left Democrats..lmao

  15. The so called “DeepState”…please take a good look at our stocks Market today… went over 29,000 and up up it still goes… still impeach the Great POTUS…Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. As predicted a few hours ago. All the armchair economy experts are here to explain why all of this success is horrible. Just you wait… the market is going to crash… I see a bounce… it is a bubble…
    Success is due to Obama… I will check back tomorrow and see what else to add to the list.

  17. THIS is the NEW norm.‼
    Stronger & Stronger
    Thank You ♡

  18. Nancy will have her panties Twisted after this. By the way does it look like she's going to fall over forward with the high heel shoes and that broom up her butt.

  19. Didn’t Obama bailout his banker goons during the depression in 2008? Fact check me please.

  20. Leftist: Impeach!
    Everyone with a brain: Why?
    Leftists see Dow hits 29k record under Trump: REEEEEEEE, IMPEACH THE MOTHAFKER!
    Everyone with a brain:😏

  21. ..”Reopened, Rebuilt, Restructured, Deregulated”.. God Bless POTUS , MAGA, KAG 2020 2024…

  22. My prediction is the market will bounce when it hits 32,000 or 33,000 degrees of light.
    What are the chances?

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