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Fox Business panel goes off on Elizabeth Warren's White House criticism

Capitalist Pig hedge fund’s Jonathan Hoenig, Kadina Group president Gary B. Smith, FOX Business’ Kristina Partsinevelos, Fox News contributor Liz Peek and FOX Business’ David Asman react to 2020 Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren calling Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s meeting with President Trump ‘corruption.’

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  1. Is it me or does Zuckerberg look more and more like an android everytime he appears in public🤔

  2. Jobs report come out tomorrow.
    I think it will be a good one.

  3. Dam this bull pull the rug out.standing man woman down all Americans going in the drain.

  4. Monopoly at new game players are the loosers.wake up people down the drain you go.

  5. Warren will never win!!!! Please!!!! I’m 1/1024 space alien

  6. Warren only cares about the 99%
    Trump fighting for 1%!

  7. So meeting with the president now corruption?!!! People have gotten so stupid and Ridiculous.

  8. Democrats are so radical and corrupt.

  9. Dems in the cellar of white house is not curuped come on Warren have a beer RETIRE wackjob

  10. Corruption is within the laws that they make YES it doesn't come from billionaires r milllionaires yet trillionaires r the world corruption with their money cauz they're the Elites that OVER RULE all LAWS by law makers of their countries

  11. Hey a former president met the head of the DOJ on a tarmac while his wife was under investigation!!!!! But they only spoke about the grandchildren🙄

  12. Warren is another worthless scum of a politician. She lied about being native American, lied about her kids being in public schools (she did send them to private schools and is a school choice critic), she's lying about the cost of Medicare (52 trillion or more, you will lose your doctor/insurance). People need to wake up to these idiot politicians and stop electing them just based on name recognition. That is how they keep getting elected to DC and never getting anything accomplished for the American people but they are lining their pockets with money and power.

  13. Is it just me or are the Dems using and showing a mutated USA flag backdrop w skinny RED STRIPES. Looks like Red is thinner than white stripes. Is that a purposeful anti Trump RED tactic? Working subliminal to their crowd? Sorry being off topic, it's just strange like Zuckers hair cut is strange.

  14. God she is an unhinged idiot and she is s candidate..

  15. USA you are becoming a JOKE to the whole WORLD. Trust and respect the voice of the people.

  16. Methinks Elizabeth Warren been smoking too much 'wampum'

  17. Anything Warren gestures wildly at this point, is her trying not to drown and looking for someone she can crawl on top of to sit on their Head. Besides Hunter Biden.

  18. Zuckerberg looks exactly like a cyborg

  19. Just checking for comment hater army invaders but all threads normal numbers, no 150+ trollster wars in the background.


  20. I'm not at all concerned about Liz Warren. She'll never be POTUS.

  21. Who's the BIMBO in yellow??
    Recon christina is one of those that go by hearsay, hearsay, hearsay yada….yada….yadda
    Plain english DUMB BIMBO lol…

  22. demo…..RATS have been doing similar thing for generations!

  23. what about tim apple lol shut up barbi trump cant take a crap without the liberal press smelling it and having a taste hence the term eat—- barbi, lol

  24. So this means that every time any US president had dinner with businessmen it involved corruption?

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