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Fox Host TRIGGERS Fox Viewers

Fox Host TRIGGERS Fox Viewers

Conservative viewers lost their damn minds on Chris Wallace. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. More TYT: https://go.tyt.com/tyt-left-cdf4d

Read more here: https://www.mediaite.com/online/fox-news-viewers-rage-at-chris-wallace-for-confrontational-stephen-miller-interview-move-to-cnn/

“After Fox News host Chris Wallace interrogated White House aide Stephen Miller on President Donald Trump’s shutdown yesterday, the network’s conservative audience was not pleased with the interview, as hundreds of them took to Twitter to slam the anchor.

During the contentious Fox News Sunday segment, Wallace repeatedly pressed Miller on the constitutionally and presidential precedent for issuing a national emergency to fund a border wall. When Miller refused to give straight answers, even dodging them by flipping the questioning on Wallace, the anchor did not respond kindly.

‘You know, the joy of this is I get to ask you questions, you don’t get to ask me,’ Wallace said. ‘Answer my question. Can you name one case where a president has asked Congress for money, Congress has refused, and the president has then invoked national powers to get the money anyway?'”

Host: Cenk Uygur

Cast: Cenk Uygur


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  1. Mr Wallace please actually " Drain the Swamp" and also " Flush the Toilet" when you leave Fox.

  2. The Conservative mind doesn't make sense. Slam CNN for having a liberal bias but at the same time criticize Fox News when they show any attempt of being fair and balance. So in other words conservatives want their propaganda and are not interested in any unbias facts. Thanks. It explains a lot.

  3. Real journalism is starting to erode on Fox News. If journalists like Chris Wallace and Sam Shepard were to be fired or leave, Fox News would become a 100% propaganda machine with no credibility left.

  4. Watching Fox News already is a bad sign. They better start calling it Fox LIES AND OPINIONS.

  5. TYT is on the same level of crazy as MSNBC. Leftist nut bars.

  6. As a President Trump supporter, I respect Chris Wallace for asking tough questions. What Cenk does not say is that Stephen Miller and Rush Limbaugh answered his questions and then some.

  7. I had surgery on my jaw… Don't make me smile…

  8. When America starts their new Civil War, I'll make a special trip down, just to give progressives a hand. Bring it on, Trumpists. Not only will you be fighting a Civil War against people of your own country, but, you will be vastly outnumbered by the majority progressive planet who decide to come join the fire fight. I want to help obliterate Conservatives off the face of the planet. You better bring it hard, Trumpists, because you will be vastly outnumbered. How long will you last?

  9. foxers and trumpster hate it when they get called out or someone breaks fox conditioning and questions the poll popping rush or miller with real questions rather than soft balling

  10. I don’t know how a media that is nothing but lie and propaganda machine could be allowed to call itself “news?”

    There should be a law that says if you are a fake news network, such as Fox News, you must label yourself as such! Before every show, Fox News should be forced to warn people that it isn’t a news program, but simply a right-wing propaganda machine where people are there to simply express their biased right-wing opinions and conspiracy theories!

    There is a reason why other democratic countries from around the world, such as England and Australia, refused to grant Fox News licenses —— because the governments over there have sense and so they refused to allow Fox News to spread lies and propaganda on the airwaves against their citizens that have nothing to do with news!

  11. The fact that Trumpturds are outraged by the fact that someone is revealing crimes that their vaunted leader
    has committed tells you how twisted and sick in the heads these mother’fers are!

    I wonder if someone shows them a video of Crooked Trump raping their wife, would they attack the guy for revealing the crime that is being done to their wife or would they even have an ounce of decency to thank the guy for helping them? Unfortunately, with Trumpturds, the first scenario is more likely to occur and these are the kind of degenerate inbreds we are dealing with!

  12. Fox News is fake news x100

  13. Always try to watch Shep, both because I find him as much a straight shooter as you're likely to get and to do my bit in keeping his ratings up. One day he received and read on-air a death threat for reporting (presumably from some 3rd party reporter) something demonstrably true demeaning trump.

  14. how ridiculous can this chris wallace backlash be WOW!

  15. Fox News should just re brand as "Racist Apologist Network"

  16. How does everything that's not right biased question suddenly become liberal? Your supposed to question things, that's a sign if intelligence. And why do they all sound like they have a school yard mentality in their comments? Can they at least come out and say something that at least somewhat intelligently considers what was wrong with the question or any facts to say otherwise?

  17. republicans are HYPOCRITES and trump is a fuckin lier, so this is not new news, its just the SOS these wing nuts keep spewing out like they have been doing ever since o-b got elected, these wing nuts must really ask themselves why the dems took over the HOR by 40, they know the answer is trump but they will never admit it no matter how much proof there is, these peeps live in another world a fantasy land of some type, sort of like the story of rip van winkle which is fantasy but peeps love the fairy tell.

  18. It's insane how they turn on eachother like a pack of rabid dogs….

  19. The President's son in law is Jewish.

  20. I mean, a wise man did once say "Reality has a well known liberal bias".

    So it's not a surprise to me that Fox's peanut gallery disapproves of Chris Wallace actually holding the Trump administration and his mob bosses accountable. It's the thing you do when you have every single aspect of reality not on your side.

  21. Conservativism 101, Accuse everyone else of all the hate, stupidity and deviant behavior they themselves are doing.

  22. Fox viewers have IQ levels that are actually less then zero. The best way to measure their mental capacities is to administer Stupidity Quotient tests.

  23. Fox News is full of stupid folks. But what`s worse is the damn viewers, they`re even more stupid.

  24. They hate libs and commies, but they hate people who wander off the mental reservation even more.

  25. Stupid president, stupid base and you really got to be an idiot to over look the tax lie and still support him.

  26. All these people calling for a boycott of Fox news: please do it. Fox news is the remnants of an asshats horrible influence in the world and will remain a putrid festering sore for years. The best thing these people can do is stop watching Fox news.

  27. I didn't realize the soul contained DNA. Must be some of that conservative science.

  28. The world would be so much better if these loser Trump worshipers committed mass suicide.

  29. And he’s the best, most objective person on there!

  30. The most depressed and saddest people in America must be conservatives and Right-wingers.

    They seem to live and breathe misery, fear, intolerance, hate, paranoia, ignorance and overall douche-baggery.

    Thank goodness I'm a liberal, which makes me ,therefore, a much happier person. 😆

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