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“French Roast” Hair Is the Ash Brunette Color We Love

If you can’t let a morning go by without a cup of coffee, you’ll be delighted to discover French Roast hair. As you can imagine, the brunette balayage color takes inspiration from the dark brew, a deeper variation of “Blonde Roast” hair. Starbucks, eat (drink?) your heart out.

We spotted the dreamy hair color on @bestofbalayage‘s Instagrid, which gave the dye job its name. Hairstylist Savannah Shahan, who originally did the color, called it “mocha.” But no matter how you choose to describe it, the look has a smoky color of a dark coffee that’s hard to resist. And it’s right on trend with all the ash brunette tones we’ve been seeing this season.

“As much as I love doing blonde hair, brunette tones have a special place in my heart because they show so much more richness and depth,” says Shahan, an Ohio-based hairstylist and the owner of Studio 1895. “I wanted to take my client from a solid, brassy balayage to something more dimensional and cool-toned.”

The process took around three hours to complete, starting with the application of “teasylights” (subtle highlights) using Oligo’s Extra Blonde Blacklight Lightener through the top of the client’s hair, bringing her lighter pieces up a notch.

Courtesy of Savannah Shahan


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