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From 29 Hopefuls To Six In Nevada: Look Back At The 2020 Democratic Race | NBC News NOW

From Beto O’Rourke to Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang, take a look back at the Democratic presidential candidates and how the field has changed since the beginning of the race for the nomination.
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From 29 Hopefuls To Six In Nevada: Look Back At The 2020 Democratic Race | NBC News NOW


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  2. Funny how even this channel completely ignores Tusli Gabbard, she's still in the race.

  3. They may call is the "most diverse" but only white people are left, the only person of color "Tusli Gabbard" is being shunned.

  4. Open borders, higher taxes, killing babies……whats not to love

  5. Soooo no mention of Andrew Yang?

  6. These people don’t agree on anything, it’s a bickering match . All I’m starting to hear is an annoying buzzzzzz!!!!

  7. Wow how are they using such old polling and did they pack their audience with only establishment tools?

  8. NBCDNC has already lost control Bloomberg just turned invisible 😂

  9. Warren just lost it on stage (another Pocahontas moment) and will plummet moving forward with delegates supporting her.

  10. what did Biden say? I dont understand him?

  11. wait his mom had a maid she played dominoes with!

  12. That POS Tom Perez will rig this one too.

  13. not using recent polls that show bernie as the clear front runner wow im not surprised

  14. I'm rooting for this washed up 1960s commie to get the nomination. He is the best hope we have to see the democratic party up and down the ticket get slaughtered on election day and spend the next decade in oblivion. Trump 2020

  15. My pet rock has more personality than mini Mike Bloomberg.

  16. From the time he got arrested in Chicago demonstrating for equal rights, and throughout his terms in the House of Representatives and the US Senate, BERNIE SANDERS has been consistent and true to his principles; which is the big difference between Bernie and the current occupant of the White House – Bernie HAS PRINCIPLES.

  17. Re: Bloomberg. I don't know if this has grounding, but one of several problems inherent in another billionaire holding the WH is that billionaires in general have had business ties to the Russian Mafia, simply because they run Russia. The billionaire oligarchs. While I doubt Bloomberg would compromise national cyber-security as Trump did, he very probably would go easy on Putin, keeping distant from Russia's ongoing interference with western democracies. To Putin's delight, of course.

  18. Wow not a mention of yang, Bothers me how people think minorities will vote for them because their minorities and their loyalties is to the party when in fact minorities can just say screw both candidates I'm not voting skin color has nothing to do with why the people choose Bernie nor does age it's about POLICY,Consistency, and being HONEST for year's to the people and for the people clearly someone needs to pass this on to all the main stream media and THE GOP AND DNC because neither know anything

  19. Imagine thinking any of these shitbirds are going to win😂😂😂😂 trump 2020


  21. Homer Simpson might as well run, it doesnt matter…..all Democratic nonsense


  23. will their show this live on youtube too?

  24. Wow, even now they r still ignoring John Yang.

  25. Why are they posting the polling averages that end a month ago? So much has changed since. Sanders is the clear frontrunner with surges from Bloomburg, while declines for Biden & Warren.

  26. I enjoyed your video 🙂 Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? 🙂

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