From the Vault: 'Catch of the Century' from flying Lyon

Happy 32nd birthday to Nathan Lyon! 🎂

What better way to celebrate than to have another look at his INSANE grab at the WACA in 2012? Sit back and let Bill Lawry tell you how good it was.


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  1. I got no reason to say this, but Nathan Lyon is GOAT

  2. You are wrong.
    'This is the catch of the millennium.'

    # In your dreams.

  3. After seeing this catch jhonty Rhodes be like I'm joke to u 😂

  4. Hadrik pandya – am I joke to you

  5. I think Lyon has made better catch's off his own bowling

  6. Lol seriously..pathetic

  7. Even Umesh yadav has taken better catch than this

  8. It was a nice catch but not that nice you can say it

  9. Justin camp in icl is a best catch of century

  10. Okay, it may not be the catch of century,
    But lets forget about it and appreciate the effort he did.
    He definitely deserves appreciation ❤


  12. That's a good catch but has nothing for catch a century.

  13. Remind me of Raina's simple catch ❤❤💯

  14. Australian cricket board

    1:- catch of the century- lyon
    2:- ball of the century- Shane Warne
    3:- shot of the century – warner

  15. Hilarious . . . it is nonsense to call it even catch of the series. Aussies are really biased.

  16. 'fumble of the century' from Nathan Lyon

  17. Lol this ain't catch of the century not even close to that Title

  18. How s that a catch of century lol so funny 🤣 😂😂

  19. It's even not catch of the day …aus make their own"everything of the century"

  20. Such a joke .. such a coward way of presenting things , aussies are rude arrogant and stupid.

  21. Truly was catch of the 17th century!

  22. LoL…. there are many great catches than this one …..

  23. If you have to declare this as catch of the century then erase Johnty's name from Cricket History 🙄

  24. I think Australia cricket forgets the catch by Kapil Dev against windies in World Cup Final '83
    He covered thrice this to take the ripper of Viv Richards.

  25. A good catch… BUT ‘Catch of the ???’ 🤦‍♂️., Aussies need to watch more cricket from other places I think.

  26. Thats a good catch it takes a lot of effort. But in every cricket match there is a better catch than this.

  27. It was a good catch no doubt but 'catch of the century'!!! Pffftt… Typical Aussie/English arrogance to claim best of everything.

  28. if this is a catch of century so i am a better then sir don bradman

  29. Might be best catch of Lyon…

  30. Catch of the day maybe….

  31. Ben strokes in world cup was the catch of century….

  32. Pontinh fake catch against India was the catch of the century

  33. Breathtaking! The improvisation required to catch such catches is almost unfathomable! Certainly one among the catches of the century!

  34. Dont know bout "Catch of the Century" but 0:17 is the "Scratch of the Century"

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