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From the Vault: Chee Quee delivers a ton in 1994 final

New South Wales opening batsman Richard Chee Quee blazed a career-best 131 against a star-studded WA in the 1993-94 Mercantile Mutual Cup final to steer the Blues to victory


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  1. I laughed so much when I heard Bill trying to pronounce Richard Chee Quee. Needed Richie to run some pronunciation sessions with him.

  2. Shows the racism in aus cricket. Khawaja gets dropped after averaging 40s these days can't imagine the luck of Che quee in the 90s he looks so much better than many of the aus batters in that era

  3. "But you can't bowl and you can't throw
    I'm just telling you what everyone knows
    Absolute sits, you put it down
    All the tailenders hit you out of the ground
    Don't ask Warnie, it was Cameraman Joe
    He said you can't bowl and you can't throw!!"

  4. Hope he was not a so called raw pace like stanlake

  5. USP that he is Chinese…Racist Australia

  6. I bet he would have made the national teams of Asia in those times what a striker

  7. Steve smith may be inherited his technique from this guy.

  8. Lol Chinese playing cricket

  9. How come there have been so few Asian cricketers represent first class sides in Australia? There's a ridiculous amount of people with Asian descent living there.

  10. quality of the bats those days were so bad, it must have been very very difficult to clear those big aussie grounds with those bats.

  11. Played here in Scotland for a season ,

  12. W.Australia almost nearly had a great international team then!wow! and I have never seen Damien Martyn bowl!!

  13. Wow never heard of him,good to know him.

  14. East Asian can also play cricket

  15. Should of played for aust in the one dayers

  16. I fell shame for being a indian because of the corruption of indian government. Really the another name of indian is randistan. I wish I were a Australian

  17. It's so strange seeing a south east asian playing cricket, but i love it all the same.

  18. Nsw Jersey looks like England wc19 Jersey

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