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From the Vault: Donald castles Border at the SCG

Allan Donald produced the perfect in-ducker to hit the top of Allan Border’s off-stump against Australia at the SCG in 1994


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  1. Why do south africans produce fast bowlers only? Why can't they produce Spinners? Who is the highest wicket taker for South Africa as a spinner? Paul Adams (128) followed by Nicky boje (100)!

  2. I am sick and tired of Indians comments. Shut up you disgraceful arse holes. Go and shower more often you stink

  3. Cherished memories being a child in the 90s . Sweet sweet . Allan Donald , Shaun pollock , curtley
    Ambrose , waqar Younis , Wasim Akram , McGrath , McDermott, Walsh , etc. What an era of Champions !
    And that Makes Tendulkar and Lara Spectacular over the Kohlis and Sharmas .

  4. I faked a day off school so I could watch SA on their comeback to international cricket in Australia. Allan Donald got Geoff Marsh caught behind the very 1st ball of the game and it was given not out.

  5. Who is the very powerful team
    1.Australia like
    2 India comment

  6. Allan Donald made his debut at the age of 25 when SA came back in 1992

    We could have got to see more of him had he come in earlier.

  7. Allan Donald bowled exactly how Mr.Nags taught him

  8. White lightening 😍

  9. Allan Donald – underrated Legend. Amazing bowler. Nicknames White Lightning

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  11. Was very very 👆👆👆

  12. Is it just me or does the Australian media not like to mention South Africa, because outside the World Cup’s South Africa are better team.

  13. Oh, this year we have not watch any test match till now of Australia 😥one Bangladesh series was but it is also postponed really waiting for more odis , t20s and test matches!!

  14. I never really liked Donald's action, because of that jump and pause in air which affects the smoothness. May be I'm the only one who thinks so.

  15. The ball crashed into the stumps before Border could bring his pad forward.

  16. You know from that run up that Donald is fired up.

  17. The perfect wicket for OCD sufferers. A solitary bail, cleanly removed.

  18. "Donald" and "Border". Heard these words in a single line somewhere else too if you know what I mean

  19. Could've read Allan castles Allan 🤦🏽‍♂️

  20. Cricket Network you should do a compilation of worst leaves or best balls bowled or something like that.

  21. Glenn maxwells leave is better

  22. Post the full final day of this test cricket network…

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