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From the Vault: Fleming snicks off Poms for career-best

Damien Fleming scythed through England’s batting in Perth 1998, finishing with match figures of 9-91, his best in Test cricket


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  1. One of the most underrated bowlers. Bowled two final overs in WC Semis that helped aus go to finals. Should have had two test hat tricks

  2. I am not kidding. These videos are more organismic than banging a hot chick.

  3. He got overshadowed by the giants like Lee,mcGrath,warne,gillespie.But getting into this australian team of 90s was tougher than becoming president of the USA.

  4. I'm amazed to see how easily Mark Taylor was taking catches in slips..

  5. Who is here after cricket was invented?

  6. I could never bowl good deliveries when my head was facing the square leg boundary. I still can’t figure out how Flem did it.

  7. Anyone remember that – SACHIN hit the ball and Fleming tried to field it by leg and his Boot got tored..
    I still remember that scene.

  8. Fleming is such a underrated bowler beautiful seam position and action

  9. Sachin Tendulkar and Damien Fleming share their birthdays on the same day.

  10. That jump affected more bounce from the pitch

  11. This pair of commentators reminds me of Cricket 04

  12. Beautiful bowling, but that is what you call a slips cordon of doom for a batsman. Taylor at first, Mark Waugh at second and Ponting at third.

  13. I didn't born that time really I have missed 90's cricket how unlucky I am

  14. Whenever seeing Fleming first thing comes to my mind is that famous SF of Aus vs Rsa 1999 WC.

  15. Could've had even a better career if he doesn't have to compete with other talents in Australian cricket

  16. Beautiful fast bowling. As a kid in the 90s my dad and I used to watch Ashes series and my dad would point out how superbly Fleming, Gillespi and McGrath bowling to the English batsmen. This is fast bowling at its finest. Australia's bowlers were also a huge factor in their resurgence as a best team for a decade and a half.

  17. McGrath wicketless is more astonishing to me😊😊

  18. Those bowling scorecards are absolutely beautiful, Pidge Flem and Dizzy just tearing through a batting lineup. The slow mo shot of the seam was sensational as well, the ball like it was frozen in amber. Beautiful vid

  19. Oh wow videos been out for 40 minutes and only one person has said that their first

  20. Can you please upload Damien Fleming hat trick vs Pakistan in Rawalpindi from Australia tour of Pakistan 1994

  21. Another brilliant upload keep it up

  22. What a beautiful bowling

  23. What a commentator he is now!

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