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Fujifilm X-T3 Mirrorless Camera Review

Fujifilm X-T3 Mirrorless Camera Review

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Fujifilm’s X-T3 sure looks a lot like the X-T2, but don’t be deceived. Aside from the handsome, compact body, this is a smarter, more capable mirrorless camera in almost every way. It’s got a higher-resolution sensor, much improved autofocus and tons more speed. Plus, thanks to the addition of 10-bit recording and other tweaks, it’s now the best APS-C camera on the market for video (sorry, Sony A6500).

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  1. Your review deserve a big dislike 😈

  2. I could only watch the first 2 minutes

  3. Xt3 has way better AF than GH5.

  4. The x-t3 is pretty costly compared to what?? A $2000 gh5? A $2000 a73? A $2300 EOS r? A $2000 v6 You have 3 lower end full frame camera that the Fuji out performs in many categories or is on par with.

  5. The Fuji is almost there.

    If they can keep the form factor and increase the size of the battery, include IBIS, articulating screen and remove the flimsy drive/metering dials, this would be one hell of a camera.

  6. He is trying too hard to find flaws about xt3. Next level biased.

  7. the a6500 is not the rival, that will be the new one a6700 / a7000….

  8. Is like christmas for reviewers youtubers nowadays, Sony A7III, Canon EOS R, Nikon Z, Fuji Xt3, Panasonic S1 I mean come on, we are getting so many reviews and comparisons (and some of them not even good comparisons) that it is hard to make a choice! and probably Sony will be releasing a A7000 and an A7sIII soon! And the worst part is… there is still no perfect camera yet! at least for me!

  9. Awesome camera! Fuji nailed it, specially for the price! Just a random note: the guy at 2:40 is a famous brazilian rapper, Projota.

  10. Gh5 has better video AF! What did I miss?

  11. bias review , reviewer clearly personally leaning towards the sony and other full frame cameras , claiming conclusions without additional support and testing, it seems like i will not be watching camera reviews from engadget anymore. lol.

  12. Actually stopped watching after stating the video AF is not as good as the EOS R or the GH5. Both those cameras — the GH5 in particular — have been panned for their awful AF. The dual pixel AF is strong on the higher end Canon DSLR's, but the reviews for the EOS R have been nowhere near as positive regarding video autofocus.

  13. Gh5 and eos r good autofocus in video? Really engadget?

  14. I want the x-t3. Great price range for a stills camera with great video capabilities. And the lenses!

  15. Al least grab the lens correctly…

  16. Too bad it doesn't have IBIS or flippy screen.

  17. video autofocus is not as good as the GH5? A camera that is notorious for continuous AF problems in video. Really?

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