Full Baron, Baquet: The State Of Mainstream Media In Today’s Era Of Misinformation | Meet The Press

Martin Baron, Executive Editor of The Washington Post, and Dean Baquet, Executive Editor of The New York Times, join Meet The Press for an exclusive interview to discuss politics and journalism in an era of “alternative facts.”» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Baron, Baquet: The State Of Mainstream Media In Today’s Era Of Misinformation | Meet The Press


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  1. For three years these muppets have been churning out false propaganda & now they are being exposed. There is nowhere to hide.

  2. I recently watched some old news footage of Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, and Howard K. Smith, and you could not tell what their politics were. They simply reported the news and didn't try to interpret the news. They were professionals, unlike today's media hacks who should be registered with the federal government as a political pack of the DNC.

  3. You blame the president for “delegitimizing” your profession. You’ve done it yourselves. The earliest fake news I can remember was when you guys blew up the gas tanks on the Ford trucks in a “news” story on Dateline NBC. You had to pay Ford for that one. I’m sure there were many more agenda driven lies you didn’t get caught with…Now you’ve gone full activist to the point you’re not welcome in polite society. Pray you don’t find yourself in my lane…

  4. Oh such a surprise the volume is inaudible. We all know whats going on you bunch of jackasses…

  5. sod off, Liars! we dont trust anything you say.
    it was sink or swim and you chose to sink.
    enjoy the view on the way down.

  6. My sentiment is posted in full at FoxNews.com/media. The article NBC News Chuck Todd Ripped etc. is by Brian Flood. It's a mouth full.
    Chucky (cheese) is a Blue Ribbon DECEIVER as he asks: "Is the media to begin campaigning ?" Since the Media got caught campaigning for Clinton with fake poll numbers in Dec. 2015 & June 2016, America finally realized that the Media was the propaganda Voice for the Democrat Party.
    To err is human. To forgive is divine. I have NEVER claimed to be Jesus.
    The Media MalPractice by these telecommunication corporations needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    Show NO Mercy.

    Adam of CA.

  7. The sound is so low – @NBC doesn't want people to hear this.

  8. Aggressively sort out fact? The entire world knew Trump wasn't a Russian asset 3 years ago. We kept trying to help Rachel Maddow with her non factual conspiracy theories, but it turns out she's just crazy.

  9. the post and the times are both fake news and have been conscripted by the far left as propaganda outlets.

  10. Meanwhile on NBC's cable new channel MSNBC Dec 07, 2019 · Rachel Maddow’s lawyer responded to the $10 million lawsuit filed by One America News (OAN) by admitting she doesn’t always mean what she says… …..Todd help her Help you Help her !!! Do you see the coming implosion !!

  11. Just once can Todd acknowledge and talk about all the Pinocchio's that Nancy Pelosi was given by the Washington post , especially since he has Martin Baron right there in front of him , or is it just more Trump onslaught ? We all know how you feel about Trump Todd , move on !

  12. Translation: We’ve been exposed as leftist hacks and now we should start relating to Trump voters to save face.

  13. Maybe their boss cut the sound because it was sort of an I'm sorry video.

  14. I spot two lies from Todd in a video about truth in journalism. 1) There's no examples of Sharia Law taking root in the west. 2) Show me a believer in Noah's Ark, and I'll show you a Trump voter. … First one is false, second one is using a generalization fallacy. And it's especially immoral because there is such a thing as historical context https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-48146305

  15. So if I have this right, everything the Democrats say are "facts", and everyone who disagrees is lying?

  16. If there was proof of anything against me in my case way in August of 2010 that's when the prior Owners should have been asking questions. Not when the prior Owners wanted to ask questions and not properly serve in November of 2010. Why has the NewsCasts not received anything. I did specifically let the prior Owners know that was a resource that they could have easily given their proof to since the Courts, Police, and the Hearing Officers has no proof of complying in the correct month way back in August in 2010. Then way back in 2015 Hearing. How could the prior Owners NOT know that they left their problems at my home. The Police was called over and over again to remove the prior Owners problems. The prior Owners did not come over at least once to confirm making sure that their prior Tenants or whoever the Trespassers were leave the property. The prior Owners used to come over all the time. Supposedly the prior Owners did not place a false name on my home until way in 2015. There is not any way that the Federal Government, Courts, and other Governments can delay my life like that. The Police was being very immature without knowing me saying dumb things like," They were investigation." No One has any power to investigate Trespassers and Suspects at Someone else's homes for years. These Governments have life confused in the real World. The Police definitely have Attorney John Russo message confused. The Attorney clearly stated that the Police are to service the People. The Police knew without any doubts that they do not debate us without evidence. Do not leave Trespassers and Suspects at my home knowing the Inspectors were coming to my home to service the sanctions and fines that are clearly written in my order. The Police does not try to get the Inspectors to be ignorant like they were and not service the order. The Inspectors kept coming out doing their job. The only Treason interrupters in this order was the Oakland Police. They need to be held liable. The City Attorney John Russo knew the City Of Oakland was under Federal Investigation in the first place for corrupted Police Officers. The misfits of society type of Police that were coming to my home being disrespectful by debating me without knowing me. They knew that they needed to make the necessary arrests. Who does that. Not too many competent People for sure. What kind of armed Men and Women play this game with a Family that they do NOT know. What kind of President then starts tweeting in such a serious and urgent case that I do not know. I have been arrested six or more times for being illegally held outside of my home against my will by the Government and given a record. I did not have any record until I was attacked. What kind of President starts playing with a grown Woman that he definitely does not know after the facts were obvious. Not a sane President.

  17. When there are issues with the audio or video YOU KNOW THE SEGMENT IS NOT GOOD FOR LIBERALS…






  23. What a bunch of crooks and liars. THEY are the ones who've inundated the media with a slew of ginormous lies – Russia collusion, Steele dossier, Covington kids, Jussie Smollett, etc., etc., etc….

  24. Poor sound quality saved me from Todd's stupidity again!!

  25. Chuck says around here I say “Don’t Round the Edges simply say what you see”??? Chick should use his own advice.

  26. The media has been around for a few hundred years and now because Trump made up this Fake News term they are now questioning how they do business????

  27. “Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it.”

    – Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism
    "It is important that any effort to influence or effect the American public that is not in the public interest be killed by the light of pitiless publicity and analysis."
    – Edward Bernays, Propaganda

  28. No audio. No captions. Next…

  29. I wouldn't be able to hear this on my last phone. Just able to hear it.

  30. Great job chuck, showing that statistical fact that 90% of Trump supporters don’t believe your lies, and the two lying fake newspapers! Thank you!

  31. So there's no sound in this video. @NBC News
    Is this some ironic way of telling us mainstream media is completely incompetent?

  32. Chuck you Todd ! You are not NEWS, your as fake as your wife's face !

  33. The state of media today is corrupt and fake

  34. Bad audio. Unintelligible.

  35. Proud to be first to downvote this communist chit show.

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