Full Durbin: 'History Will Find You' If Senators Don't Hold 'Fair' Trial | Meet The Press | NBC News

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) talks about the Senate impeachment trial and Democrats requests for witnesses.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Durbin: ‘History Will Find You’ If Senators Don’t Hold ‘Fair’ Trial | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Loony land with the dem and msm traitorous scum.

  2. Great video. I came to a very similar conclusion, on my vid.

  3. This going to make the Democrat the bigs looser in 2020 , Mr Trump never use power agents Anyone,first witness I want to hear from is schiff and his lies

  4. He's basically the only Democratic senator that I like.

  5. How does Little Dickie Durbin keep winning re-election? I know of no one here in Illinois that likes him. Maybe Putin is fixing his election…

  6. Like the House held a fair trial?

  7. Trump looking to Dershowitz for a glove that doesn't fit.
    Moscow Mitch is on all fours looking for it.

  8. Trump and his gang of Republican Russian beneficiaries. Obstruction , and denial. are not what you do if its legal to use another country to get elected president. They knew it was wrong!

  9. The president was using his power to investigate corruption. That's not only not an abuse of power, it's one of his most important campaign promises, and it's what the constitution says is a major part of his job description. He was investigating something that is a real crime, not just an obscure, subjective and made up charge.

    "Evidence that exonerates the president" is a completely new concept for Americans. In this country you're innocent until proven guilty, and being proven guilty involves evidence of a crime, not hearsay and the "expert opinions" of a few extremely biased people. And they will never call this Ukrainian guy because he constantly contradicts himself and he contradicts the statements of several people who actually have credibility.

    What these people are trying to do is not only a waste of time, but it could easily lead to some extreme damage to democracy. It could also very easily lead to a hot civil war because what they're trying to do is to overthrow the will of the American people.

  10. Moscow Mitch is the biggest CON the country ever known , he should be held accountable .

  11. Abuse of power , criminal acts ..being a dickhead …
    Just get rid of this truump traitor and all GOP! .
    Americans do not want this sham of a president and criminal imposter!!

  12. It's over.., It Trump fails the Party fails… The Trump House & Senate minds are already made up.

  13. Democraps are so disgusting…
    Demanding stuffs they didn't give…
    What was fair in the hearings locked out in secrecy when Republicans crashed through… disgusting.

  14. Hey, Americans, it is time for your political revolution to finally come of age.

  15. 😂😂😂 will history find the house dens also? 😂😂😂 Degenerates…..

  16. TJ
    Lore Bay Please tell us all the things that YOU have done to increase my stock markets & wages. Made my family safer at home & abroad. Lowered my prescription prices & taxes. Years You served in the military so we can all keep Our FREEDOM & make our own choices. Also having more people invade our country doesn't improve the environment It destroys it & jobs. FREEDOM is the right to WORK & Pay For Your Own FREE Moraless CRAP.. waiting.

    I am not your president, and if I were, I could probably do as well or even better, certainly with more dignity, intellect, diplomacy and respect for the Office of Presidency and I am not sure if certain men types could respect or appreciate a woman as president, because I have seen some of their attitudes in the corporate arena over the years, which I am so glad have been addressed, now they have to do what's is right and not be insubordinate or get fired. My wage just increased, but it was not because of him and I don't care to share the circumstance on how that happened will make my response too long.
    I was not in the military and apparently your president was called, but evaded and has the audacity to ridicule 5 star families and service members and was so jealous of the service of Sen. McCain it was wicked. My father and brothers served to help keep America safe so you could have freedom to serve or not and to make choices with your freedom. I'm not sure about low taxes, have not file yet, but I hear that the small tax cut we got will be absorbed with new restrictions, so no tax break or refund, so I'll have to revisit this one.
    Also don't feel any safer because crime continues and I still see people having to work 2 or 3 jobs to pay their rent and day care and groceries are not cheaper, see price increases every time I shop, especially on groceries. I don't believe he believes in climate change nor cares about the environment. If I were destitute and see where I could improve my life, I'd cross a border too. There I think I covered all your points.

  17. House should of called who they could have. It's not up to Senate to do Houses work for them.

  18. Spin spin spin that's all the DimLibs and their MSM lackeys do.
    Chuck Toad has made Meet the Press a joke.

  19. The failed president and his handlers have given NO evidence or proof that his administration and state department were always looking into Ukraine corruption. And if they did, why did they wait 3 years until before the next election to send a fake state department representative, Fool-iani, to open up the dialogue on the Bidens and the Bidens alone and NO ONE ELSE. They committed a total sham and lie and end-run with Ukraine, holding up their legal security money from our country. At a time when Ukraine needed it the most. F Dump – everyone knows THIS IS A QUID PRO QUO. Repugnants are just angry that their dumb-axx political bottom feeder Dump is in trouble. And THEY let him do it Every Repugnant in DC stood behind Dump and his plan.

  20. Msnbc is not the bar for fairness. They have been 100% against trump since before he was elected.

  21. Very wrong at about 1:20 and where I quit. The jury in this trial is not the American people. It is the Senate. It is their responsibility and theirs only. Read the constitution. To watch Dem. no. 2 in the Senate trying to either not fulfill his responsibility or to spin this to fool the people into believing something else is plain disgusting. I'm not American but I want the USA to be as strong an ally as possible so I tell you to beware of seducive spins like this that rely on the ignorance of the people. It is low and it is sad. That doesn't belong in your great country. Watch out for great orators mastering rhetorics. They can easily and beautifully spin anything into serving their narrative – but when you unpack these spins it it's another story.
    Trump doesn't make use of phony rhetorics. He really is WYSIWYG and he cares about you guys and what is good for you – which of course is also good for him. Don't hold that against him. Just realize how lucky you are.

  22. What brainwashed propaganda slaves democrats are, they had NO problem with the house blocking witnesses from Trumps side, lol…such evil.

  23. How is it that Democrats usually sound smarter than Republicans? This guy speaks in complete sentences and never did say the same thing 3 times so we'd believe it. and he never said: "You know it. We all know it."…. What's with that?

  24. Durbin: 'Citizens Will Find You' If democrats Don't Hold 'Fair' Trial and dismiss President Trump!

  25. So Avery one in prison or in jail was not given these laws of justice

  26. I predict this impeachment trial will end in a travesty against justice. We need only look back to the Kavanaugh approval, to see that the Senate Republicans are most likely already bought and sold. I suspect the Republican Senators really are owned by Trump and his promise to take over the country and save all unwashed Democrat, unnamed party affiliates, and independents from needing to live in a land governed by true law and decency. 

         I reject Trumpism. I reject cruelty for ego's sake. I reject the worship of money as a god. I reject them on principal—But those terrible things all exist.
         I am a proud American citizen that sees complicity in the silence of our public all across this land. (Why are the streets not filled with outrage?    …Well?….
         —I understand the silence— It comes in many forms and for many reasons.
         Heck, I am living my life as usual today (except for typing this)…. trying not to be bogged down in the mire of corruption and deceit and hatred that flows in our government (and too much from the top down). I am still proud to call myself an American, but my pride is being tested and torn at and mocked openly and lied about by Republican leaders and followers alike.  I do not enjoy this. And I find it very disturbing to see that Christians are at the front of the pack, being leaders in the meanness, being fine with the lies, being sure that they are "right" about everything they believe.

    con·serv·a·tive . /kənˈsərvədiv/ —-adjective
    —-holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.

    lib·er·al . /ˈlib(ə)rəl/     —-adjective
    1.  open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.
    2.  (of education) concerned mainly with broadening a person's general knowledge and experience, rather than with technical or professional training.

          Given these definitions, I am happy to say I am more liberal, and less conservative.

          Change happens whether we want it to or not. And being ready to accept change is my way to move forward. 
           I sure hope the change that is underway leads us to an America that looks more like what I imagine Ben Franklin hoped of the future than what Donald Trump is hoping for.
             Ben Franklin was an inventor!  Trump is a deal maker (at any cost)! 
           But in the near future I would imagine that plutocracy will obliterate morals and manners and the justice of democratic law. I truly fear that 'Cash Is King' —

                   And the America I thought I lived in is not real.

  27. Then Avery one have these justice right s as democrats are doing

  28. Burn nbc. The American people already know

  29. Is that the same as the congress and their 'fair hearing'? Not.

  30. Honest Question: Anyone understand why Donald Trump himself wouldn't be an obvious witness in this trial? That's what would happen in any normal trial right? But I haven't heard anyone make that suggestion. Thanks

  31. after the phony sham in the congress ignoring all past presidense and denying the president due processs ,now they want fair theses guys arer sick anti American traitors

  32. U are a joke u didn't give him the President do process in Congress and u the senate to have a fair trial if it comes to witness both Biden's and Schiff just to start. Which the Democrats say that the Biden's are not relivent. Ya right we will see.

  33. WTF? Really. What about what took place in the House you ducking biased piece of spit.

  34. What Durbin and Democrats want to do is turn this into another Kavanaugh hearing. With paid lairs at the 11th hour trying to testify. Like Parnas.If that fails Democrats will pay someone else. Maybe they will break Micheal Cohen out of jail to testify.

  35. It is no one's duty to help them investigate you and if I remember correctly you are innocent until proven guilty. Unless of course, your name is Trump then you are guilty until you prove you are innocent.

  36. "History will find you". What does that mean? How about it means reverse professional nepotism?! Make the threat legal, but harsh. To any Senator enabling an unfair trial: if your offspring gets hired by a company in the future, a grassroots-led boycott will fall against that business. Boycott ends when they are let go. This is a serious trial. Serious repercussions must be enacted for shameless unpatriotic malfeasance.

  37. This asswipe is my Senator. Known in Illinois as Mr. High Speed Rail we spent millions to arrive an entire 20 minutes faster on the St. Louis to Chicago run!

    How about as fair a trail as the Republicans received at the impeachment hearings in the house? You'll get nothing and like it!

  38. Bring in Robert Mueller I bet they’ll change their tune.

  39. Both sides of the aisle are on trial, a fact that our "so-called" representatives are blind to.

  40. If they do not allow evidents any future president or others that might get impeached for doing anything wrong can use this trial to do the same.

  41. Meet the Press, NBC, CNN, and CBS only cater to the socialist democrats. They care less about real Americans. In the end, they will lose. See you all at the Polls in November!

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